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Feel free to add your own theories and conclusions, just make your own section in here.


We had someone in the channel a day or two ago (today is the 13th) who claimed to be knowledgeable about phone systems. I believe someone said he was a PWX or something, whatever that is. Anyway, he said the “switch” recordings (“please stay on the line for the next available circuit, TWC28.”) are rarely heard. Also, we have evidence in the Debunking OTP22 folder that the “Condition Red, Situation Delta in Effect. Please enter your agent number...” voice is downloaded from AT&T’s website, and that the switch recording is also downloaded from the internet. We should also consider that if we are really “staying on the line for the next available circuit,” one would presume that it would take different amount of times for the next circuit to be available. Yet the switch recording is always followed by exactly 6 rings before the numbers start. If you ask me, a lot of things don’t add up here. I think this is someone’s idea of a prank, or joke, or whatever. Another thing: do all agent numbers give the same data? if so, it seems pointless to have the agent numbers. One last point - the abbreviations of the ship names are odd. The longest name is SHIP BREAKER1. Then we have SHIP PETR, which is much shorter, and SHIP PAYLD1, which is also shorter. Why are some not abbreviated at all, while others are abbreviated to different lengths? This makes no sense.


I do agree with what is written in the Debunking doc, but saying that it must be an ARG or a hoax is really jumping to conclusions if you ask me. It might not be .gov stuff and apparently it is very easy to create the voicing heard. The fact that it is easy to create does not disprove anything though. Lots of people want to make things as easy as possible. This does still have corporate ties and other strange things. The things that speak against it being an ARG or a hoax is that it’s been running for a year without gaining attention, that isn’t typical for any of them. There is probably more I should mention, but right now I can’t really think straight. That’s why I’ll let Ralim finish this for me.

“The thing is its freaking confusing there are things that make it seem an ARG, military, etc.. But there are also things which just don't make sense for every option”


Alright, guess it's time to voice my opinion. So far, I've seen nothing that would indicate either that it's a game or that it's not. Do I believe it is at this point? Yes. But that's purely speculation and has no basis on anything learned so far.

Let's take, for example, minor details. The recordings. They're reproducible using other WAV's? If I were a government agency (or otherwise) that wanted to transmit secrets, I surely wouldn't be throwing out my own voice (which can be identified, even after going through voice changers). The OTP files we've gotten? There's been a theory on that stating that since every message we've gotten is in them, they must be pre-planned. This is false because every possible letter combination is in there, meaning you can recreate any sentence you can think of.

Now, why do I think it's a game? Because I feel the chances of us having someone "randomly" run across a number like the one used here, then asking for others to figure it out (while at the same time seemingly not taking part at all) is very far-fetched. Were someone to find this number on a hidden code or something? I would possibly believe it. But nobody goes around dialing random numbers just to see what they get. Especially not enough to catch this one specific one.

Furthermore, there have been a couple of iffy situations I've seen so far:

1) Disc found on page 271, not 272. Chalk it up to possible error? Definite possibility. First thought was someone may know we're on to them and planted the new disc after taking the old. But so far all of our messages have decoded using it, so small chance

2) Two messages used p2.txt, which is (as far as we know, a OTP, and clearly 2 > 1). Really don't know what to make of this

3) Disc was created on the 13th (same day we got the message), although the message claims it was put on the 12th. This could have been more of an "we are notifying you now, on the 12th, that we will be placing a disc" though. Much like you may get a call from a voicemail that says "MESSAGE RECEIVED ON 09/13/12: 'Hey, we're going to go on a trip. We'll be leaving no later than the 15th'. Let us know if you're interested!"

And I could go on and on, from both perspectives. At the end of the day, my view could be considered as "I highly doubt *I* would stumble upon some local/foreign government conspiracy and/or some corporate one."


I was right there with all of you until I read about the sudden unexpected/unexplained(?) deaths of several prominent townspeople, and the rash of automobile accidents. A whole lot of misery has hit Blue Hill at the exact same time as this game (if it is an game). the news story stating that two automobile accidents were 'just coincidence' initially struck me as highly suspect (I never would have thought it was anything else if the article hadn't suggested so), but the article is definitely real, so I guess I don't even know what to think about that. Either the puppet master just got incredibly lucky, or he very skillfully (and, I would say, heartlessly/foolishly) inserted this game into this area he saw as having a lot troubles, or this is something real. All the proof about the made-for-player nature of the phone system makes me think it has to be one of the first two, unless the puppetmaster himself actually created/caused Blue Hills troubles for the game (which I would consider REAL and NOT A GAME, and run from as fast I could). I guess now we are waiting for next contact? I've never actually gotten too involved in a game before, just watched several, and this one I think has done the most to break the wall than any other I've seen.


As far as I know there was two recent car accidents, one fatal, and one non-fatal. The latter being into Sara Sara's after the drop. The other news bit I saw was a man was found guilty of murder, one that presumably happened quite a while ago. It's just everyday shit, if you ask me. -- 23:06, 28 September 2012 (UTC)

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