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The OTP22 Community includes real people who follow, talk about, investigate, or record and maintain information about the mysterious occurrences in the OTP22 Alternate Reality Game. Individuals participating in the community generally refer to themselves as OTP agents, after the nature of the Agent Systems directly connected to OTP22.


The community includes a variety of people, or OTP agents who work together. This group of people also includes Dead drop agents that investigation items and locations in Real Life, Handlers who communicate and direct Drop-agents, and many other helpful users.


There is a variety of information available for review for new users. The Main Page provides introductory material and updates about recent discoveries and occurrences as well as a variety of helpful links.

If you want something else, you might want to watch some Educational videos for useful skills, check out a diagram of the many interconnected pieces of information in this ARG, browse a list of Relevant links, or read on the Timeline of events.

Getting Involved

You can get involved with OTP22 by reading the material on the Unfiction thread and this wiki, or going a step further and giving information back.

Discuss OTP22

There are a number of outlets for discussion regarding OTP22, including:

Investigate and report information

A number of ongoing investigations into unsolved information exist. You can get involved by reviewing the latest news about OTP22, listening to autodialer recordings, and adding information to investigation pages.

Improve the Wiki

The wiki truly is a great resource for OTP22 information, however with the variety of information and amount of investigatory material, it often needs cleanup and maintenance. You can get involved by correcting or adding information where it is needed, formatting pages to be closer to Wikipedia Policies and generally clearer/summarized for new users.

Additionally, there is a list of tasks that need to be performed both from request and routinely

Routine Tasks

Requested Tasks

Help out in Real Life

The OTP22 community needs people who are willing to travel and investigate real-world locations and pick up information. If this sounds like you, you can find more information at: Dead drop agents and Field Protocols.