Braco package drop

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Braco package drop
Location     Australia
Landmarks Braco
Items Braco letter
Found 3-27-2013
Type Other
Status Acquired

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Investigation See also Braco package drop/Investigation.


Braco ordered this letter on : Feb 25 2013 Details: Message_Desk/Investigation/Orders

This letter is:
============= ============================
MLPL-0000000         MLPL OBJECTIVES

On March 27th Braco got a letter from OTP22. It consists of 6 poorly-photocopied pages; most of the information on the pages is either blacked out or scribbled through in pencil lead.

The cover letter had a scratchoff bar, the kind found on lottery tickets. Scratching it off revealed "XX58361 89394XX" We systematically requested the agent system numbers in the 89394XX range. After we requested 8939464, the agent system went down.


04:57 < Braco> The pencil marks are actual lead on the pages
04:57 < JCe8> But the blacked out stuff aint, right?
04:58 < Braco> And they types my note with a typewriter ans the envelope tpp
04:58 < Braco> The blacked out stuff is all copied or reallllly poorly laser printed
04:59 < Braco> Every page ezcept the letter is doube sided
04:59 < JCe8> But everything is either blacked, or it has a cross put through it ;o?
04:59 < Braco> One side has the alphabets/emtanon stuff, the otherside the redacted info
05:00 < Braco> Yeah lol but in some parts u can see thru it
05:00 < Braco> I took zoomed photos of those parts where text is visible
05:01 < Braco> One of the redacted visible sections says 2013
05:01 < JCe8> ah
05:02 < Braco> The stamp on the front is from last year
05:02 < Braco> Postmarked 25Mar13


Scans of the Entire Document + Letter available here:

High Res Scans of Redacted section available here:!hUNXDBST!D7KvSgFnVLnMNyqXDSqDjhMlShxRMV5g4iS53z9MhAI

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Braco's documents Unknown Received L0j1k None

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Mapping tables found in letter are used to decode ABISM tones.