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Books are an information source in the OTP22 ARG. Generally they are referred to in messages, or acquired from dead drops.

In the spirit of this ARG, their outward appearance and superficial content tends to be a topic that is considered dull or too specific to be of any real interest. However, in actuality, they contain hidden messages and important information relating to the structure and operation of subjects in the game.

Most of the books names were obtained by locating sequential Message Desk codes. During this period it was realized that the input and the response code for the books always had a difference of 589824.

On 9 February 2014, it was found by User:crash_demons, through a Google search, that a Tumblr user named "Exciting Books" had been uploading high-quality originals of the book covers related to this ARG and of other similar books. In one case, a book cover upload predated a dead drop of the item of the same appearance, drawing lines between this user and the PM of OTP22 in some way. A similar Twitter account was later found.

Below are lists of books known from both Message Desk and from Exciting-Books

Books mentioned by Message Desk

Images in progress of being transcluded from here:

Cover Full title Color Type Number Received Number Given Difference
Tide Tables for Lake Superior 47701 637525
Inuktitut-Urdu Dictionary 47702 637526
Unknown Kanotin County Michigan Road Map 1937 47703 637527
Unknown Proceedings of the Nebraska Senate 1960 47704 637528
Unknown Census of Navassa Island 47711 637535
Daily Phase Offset *between eastern interconnection and western interconnection, 1975-1988 47750 637574
Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuaries green book 47801 637625 589824
Molds & Lichens of Nova Scotia orange book 47802 637626 589824
Collecting Vintage Capacitors, Diodes and Thyristors video 47803 637627 589824
Global Response Codes pink book 47804 637628 589824
Asparagus Fern Root Maintenance grey book 47805 637629 589824
Butterfat Management in the Saskatchewan Dairy Industry white book 47806 637630 589824
Interoperability Concerns in L Carrier Planning 47807 637631 589824
Slate Deposits in the Intermountain West 47808 637632 589824
A History of Terrazzo Tile 47809 637633 589824
Legacy of the Postal Reorganization Act red 47910 637634 589824
Unknown The Rise and Fall of the Mercurochrome Corporations 47911 637635 589824
Unknown Street Furniture of Central Europe 47912 637636 589824
Sphericality Measurements of Oranges, Satsumas and Tangelos 47913 637637 589824
Unknown Argentinian Agriculture Policy Under Duhalde 47814 637638 589824
Unknown Waiting Room Atmospheres: Selecting Non-Controversial Music and Reading Materials 47815 637639 589824
Filing and Sorting, the History of Forums 47816 637640 589824
Acronym Use in Soviet Central Planning Organisations 47817 637641 589824
A History of Soviet Anti-Drug Campaigns 47818 637642 589824
Unknown A Comprehensive Guide to Screw Thread Standards 47819 637643 589824
A Survey of Carpet Fastening Techniques 47820 637644 589824
Tennis Courts of the Panama Canal Zone 47821 637645 589824
Unknown Kmart & Woolworths, Unstoppable Retail Giants 47822 637646 589824
Tables of Street Pavement Longevity 47823 637647 589824
Tin Toy Manufacture in Edwardian Britain 47824 637648 589824
Unknown Roofing techniques of the Caspian Basin 47825 637649
Unknown The European Commission under François-Xavier Ortoli - A Retrospective 47826 637650
Unknown Recent Developments in Telegraphy 47827 637651
Unknown A Day in the Life of the Municipal Planning Commission 47828 637652
Gummi Bears: A Feminist Critique 47829 637653
Unknown Observation Techniques For Oil-Based Pigment Carriers 47830 637654
Alloy-related trade agreements in Eastern Europe 47831 637655 ---
Unknown A Definitive History of the Powered Floor Jack 47832 637656
Unknown Standards for Steel Company Historical Archives 47833 637657
Toward Superior Magnet Wire Insulation 47834 637658
The Birth of Helical Scanning 47835 637659
Unknown Pocket Reference for Alphabets of the Old Turket Language 47919 637743 589824
The Turnip Industry of Lanarkshire 47949 637773 ---
Utilidors of Flin Flon 47950 --- ---
Unknown Discoloration and Magnesium (????) Under Thermal Stress 47953 637777 ---
Noble Gas Leakage in Double Glazed Windows 47954 637778 ---
Pre-War Laboratory Architecture of Western Canada 47955 637779 ---
Unknown Telephone Central office buildings of Northern New Jersey 47956 637780 ---

Books only available from Exciting-Books

Cover Name
'74 - Market outlook for alaskan cabbage
Adaptive reuse of punched cards in public libraries
Celery farms of labrador
Character set integrity in inter-system paper tape data transfers
A Cinematic history of the west midlands gas board film unit
Computer Terminal Typefaces 1960-1978
A Comprehensive guide to character sets
Comparitive grain elevator heights in Saskatchewan and Kansas
Constitutional challenges to sewer board boundary changes
The death of Improvement District No. 1
The fast food industry of Grenada
French sockets before standardisation
Global Guide to Pedestrian Tunnel flooring patterns
Highway rest areas of Utah
A history of cleveland rapid transit paint schemes
A history of electronic music in the Peoples Republic of Mongolia
History of sewer service in athabasca county
Linoleum patterns and the influence of color television
Municipal Telephone companies of Ontario
Municipal Telephone companies of South Dakota
Neon sign laws of the Eastern Townships
Municipal ward boundaries before Morris
The onion futures act and you
Origins of the modern tape head
Price guide to non-vintage pennies
Public library architecture of North Yorkshire
A Railway history of Durban county
Road marking systems of Malta
Roundabouts of Tenterfield shire
Steel-belted radial tire production in post-war Yugoslavia
Strip malls of Nassau county
A subway plan for syracuse
Telephone and telegraph services in Territorio Sur de la Baja California
Telephone plugs of Europe
Telephone numbering plans of the Ruhr Valley
Vegetable cannaries of long island
Video game production in the Gorno-Altai autonomous oblast
Vitamin deficiency in the republic of Mauritius
Water Hemlock in First Nations Fokelore
Worldwide guide to trolleybus voltages
Yellow-green algae in New South Wales

See for ongoing book additions!