Blue Hill phone booth drop

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Blue Hill phone booth
Location     Blue Hill, ME
Coordinates 44.4124°, -68.5897°
Landmarks Sara Sara's
Items Compact Disc (drop)
People/Visitors Helpful librarian

Sally Fischel

Found 9-21-2012
Type CD
Status Acquired
Blue Hill phone booth removed after the crash

The Blue Hill phone booth drop was a dead drop found via GPS co-ordinates given on September 21st 2012. It was for a phone booth in Blue Hill, near Bangor, Maine. After a search was done online to find a contact to pick up whatever item was there produced nobody it was suggested on IRC for someone to telephone local businesses to ask for help.

After a local florist could not help, she suggested contacting the local library, which was done next. The Florists store is now damaged beyond repair in a bizarre coincidence. The librarian was willing to help and found a CD taped to the underside of the phone. She retrieved it and awaited help from a co-worker to upload the contents on September 23rd.

Following the dead drop some strange and disturbing coincidences have happened in the tiny community of Blue Hill, including the destruction of the phone booth drop point. See Blue Hill mysteries for more info.

Latitude 44.4124 Longitude -68.5897

On Google Maps

Contents of the CD

Photo of Blue Hill drop CD
Photo of Blue Hill drop package

(Downloadable here)

TrueCrypt Setup 5.1a.exe

MD5: 9F2C390917D60AA2F729516CD1A6818F
Confirmed as genuine, found on the TrueCrypt site


MD5: 10EA0F108D713630F3E41C213B89495C
Installs as BCWipe v3.10.5
Confirmed as genuine, found here (via


MD5: 29186BF27967170AB1BBB0688E420A7E
Uncompressable with 7zip. One-time pad used to encrypt the 3233 message and the messages from 709-700-0122.

Photo images of the CD which was sent to an OTP agent

A copy of the ISO (or the individual files) can be downloaded here on Google Drive.

Analysis of Data.bin

Data.bin appears fairly random, with a low Standard Deviation.

CSV data:

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Blue Hill CD Unknown Unknown Unknown None

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