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Agent code 4064436
Source:     Package that the pink book was mailed in, underneath stamps.
Currently active:     yes
Current behavior:    
Description:     "Stamp code", unknown purpose.

  MSG decoded msg MSG encryption
Message:03/06/2013/4064436/02:44 Stamp code. Please return to this agent code at a later date. None
Message:05/25/2013/4064436/06:57 Stamp code. It will be time soon. Monitor this code. None
Message:06/09/2013/4064436/22:11 stamp code, prepare, soon none
Message:06/13/2013/4064436/18:24 static noise none
Message:06/14/2013/4064436/02:45 Deeper noise than before.
With 11 seconds of silence followed 5 1 second tones of 400 hz with interspaced with 1 second of silence.
Offset seems to be different every time.
Message:06/14/2013/4064436/04:53 "Deeper" version of noise. No tones in it anymore. none

Timeline / misc notes

  • Earliest recording: 6 March 2013 04:01:00
  • Latest recording: 14 June 2013 04:53:00
  • Went down on March 12th, returned on the 13th