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Agent code 33336
Source:     899053
Currently active:     yes
Current behavior:    
Description:     Satellite menu channel set

Timeline / misc notes

  • Earliest recording:
  • Latest recording:
  • Same as 33334, but takes DTMF tones. Use * as a decimal point. Sets frequency (see 33332). Seems to only accept ###.###.
  • The original satellite channel was 250.075, one of the frequencies used by the USA-162 satellite.
  • If you reset the channel to anything else, the next time you call the agent system you receive the message "###.### selected, searching for carrier" followed by the normal agent system.


The Satellite channel provision (also referred to as Sync number) is a value associated with the agent system phone lines. Its specific function or implementation is not not known at this time.

The 202-999 and 303-309 phone numbers briefly said "Sync number: 250.075" before continuing as normal. On December 9th, agent code 33332 gave the message "Satellite channel provision to 250.075". Two frequencies were linked to US intelligence satellites