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/ Agent22
Activities     Providing speculative information
Location     Unknown
Setting     Internet

A possible agent interception has been found. It could be genuine, or could be a form of back story provided by someone in control of the operation. It could also be a troll. So far the information is one page on pastebin reading thus:



Sending you my brief and current operational condition.

You can call me Agent22. I have been working in industrial espionage for 14 years now. I specialize in 'dirty' cases you might say, I don't mind taking more risks, in fact I prefer it, I keep no ties in the civilian world and focus only on work. This gives me a big advantage over colleagues, no distractions, no vacation time, 100% focus.

My employers respect that, I get the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs, and I enjoy every minute of it. I excel in creating codes, cracking them, and screwing people over, hard, if they get in the way of my task.

This recent assignment came in, I had no time to prepare anything, just a place and a time, a dead drop, result was a phone number. Pretty simple right?

The original message said 'You'll get in hot water, but it's freezing cold out there'. A silly cryptic message. But of course it wasn't.

Every day I get a new agent number sent to me, seemingly totally random, but this is my only means of communication with the org. I am not going to mention their name, you do understand.

If they need to give me something physical a dead drop gets arranged, lots of running around for me, I don't care, I have to keep busy, gotta keep focused 24/7. It's how I am, it's in my blood.

There is a small chance of someone finding the phone number, but it wouldn't matter, they wouldn't know what it meant, wouldn't have the agent numbers sent to them daily, and would just hang up and forget about it. That was the theory...

Now the org have noticed an irregular issue, someone else is intercepting my calls, my numbers are getting compromised, we don't know if its Government onto us, or a rival org in the same business.

All our 'work' in the Northern hemisphere was going well until some fuck up happened with my last dead drop. I couldn't retrieve it, it was gone, I hung around, guessing it was delayed, shit happens, still nothing. The drop had obviously been compromised, I did a little job on the drop destination, I am sure I don't need to spell that out to you.

Our countdown had to be halted. Our convoy is not happy. More questions being asked. I am awaiting further instructions.

The pastebin page appears to be unlisted. It could have been a chance find, or perhaps we were meant to find it for a purpose.


Most have called Agent22 out as a "troll", someone trying to give us a false story for their own amusement, and do not take this story seriously.

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Logs of OTP-Encoder (also confirmed troll attempt) 26.9.2012 :