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  • July 18th 2013, 1:50 GMT
[01:40]	L0j1k	alright
[01:40]	L0j1k	A33815 is submitted
[01:42]	L0j1k	this recording is fucked up
[01:43]	L0j1k	i forgot to pipe my microphone into audacity
[01:43]	L0j1k	so it's only MDs side of the call
[01:44]	L0j1k	but what's important is that i submitted a name/address for the calling card
[01:52]	L0j1k	here's a sanitized recording of the call
[01:52]	L0j1k	http://vocaroo.com/i/s0e5eJBQgbqT
[01:52]	L0j1k	MDs side only because of a fuckup on my part
[03:53]	L0j1k	the first two things i asked him were about not finding a memory card at FLL airport,
 and also where the hell he's been for three weeks (as you can hear, he claims he's been working the whole time)
  • In the Global Response book (PINK BOOK) location for code A33815 is Anchorage. Nadando_package_drop

Latter excerpts from logs:

  • July 19th GMT
[01:04]	L0j1k	trying 888-854-2402
[01:05]	L0j1k	hmm... first call cannot connect
[01:07]	L0j1k	interesting... it is not answering, but instead has a non-uniform ringing, sort of like 703 recently had
[01:08]	L0j1k	and now an old-school busy tone
[01:08]	L0j1k	haha which reminds me that i haven't heard it for years
[05:13]	sauceman	so what's up with the 888
[05:15]	sauceman	I've been getting some message about international call failure since about eight tonight