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Phone Number: (888) 854-2402
Location Unknown
Company Unknown
System Type Menu, Remote Services Bureau, Material Order Desk

Acquired From Agent System,18084

On April 30th, a message was found on the Agent Systems with code 18084, which included instructions to call (888) 854-2402 from a TDD phone in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida airport.

Materials Desk

At around 0645 UTC on May 1st, 2013 we were able to connect to a real person on ext 2. An american man greeted the phone with "Material Desk" and then asked a colleague "So whats this thing about again? the material order desk" then he started what seemed to be a program connected to an ABISM device and asked for an Account Number which come in varied formats. After giving him the Account Number AB000 he then asked for a Job Code and said these were numerical only.

*Please edit the Material Order Desk page if you want to add Material Desk information

Calling from the correct phone

888 854 2402 responds differently depending on the number stored in Caller ID. That means that you can spoof the "originating" number and get different responses based on this from 888 854 2402. The first indication that this was possible came when L0j1k used Caller ID spoofing on the Fort Lauderdale Airport to try and get TDD tones, since we were having great difficulty in finding an agent willing or able to physically go to the airport for the clue. During this time, a few numbers for payphones in the FLL airport were found (on BinRev forums). L0j1k tried these numbers (ex: 954 359 8827) and was redirected to the "classy tango" song and following voicemail system: [1].

Once L0j1k had finally gotten an airport worker to dial his own Asterisk PBX from the exact TDD phone, he had the exact number of the TDD phone (954 359 0332). Spoofing from this number got two different responses, which seemed to each have about a 50% chance of issuing. Both responses started with the "regular" piano music for a few seconds. The first response cut to silence followed by TTY tones that gave the "further instructions". The second response redirected to MD buzzing (and MD answering available).

So we thus have three different responses (regular "remote services bureau" menu, "classy tango" voicemail, and MD/TTY-tones).

It's important to note that L0j1k had three people search the FLL airport TDD phone for the "memory card" referred to in "further instructions" without luck. The best help ("Marva") tried to search the phone during a 15-minute break from a nearby shop in Terminal 2, but had to return to work. L0j1k checked the 888 number to ensure that it was still issuing TTY tones, as he was going to walk Marva through the process of opening the TTY machine at the payphone to search for the missing card. About an hour prior to the final search, 888 was verified as issuing TTY tones. Approximately an hour later, Marva returned to the payphone area with her son (a "technical person" who could identify memory cards better than Marva). L0j1k walked Marva through the process of dialing 711 to open the TTY machine (no card was found and pictures were taken, as can be seen on the Fort Lauderdale Airport page). L0j1k then instructed Marva to dial 888 854 2402 from the TDD phone. We tried two or three times to get the TTY tones, to no avail. L0j1k thought this was strange, thanked Marva for her help, and then tried to dial 888 through his Asterisk to spoof from the TDD phone. Importantly, 888 no longer issued TTY tones or redirected to MD at all! It simply plays piano for about thirty seconds and then disconnects. As of 22 June 2013, that is still the case.

Calling from a random non-TDD number

Extension Action Recording Notes
1 Gets put through to a live operator who answers with "Yeah?" / Twice now this has gone straight to Message Desk Calls by Braco: Asking about WORMS Giving him Location codes & numbers A simultaneous test was done with this extension and Message Desk. Message Desk's other phone rang as a result but he didn't pick up.
2 Plays a 10 min loop of 4 different songs / Materials Desk guy picks up (see below). Also extremely interesting is that if multiple people connect to this extension at once, they are dropped into a conference with one another. Braco and L0j1k discovered this, and L0j1k at one point was able to trigger a conference control menu by pressing pound, but no longer (as of 10 May 2013). (see below for MoD recordings) Songs Needs Further Analysis
3 Plays a live weather report from Environment Canada for Resolute Bay, first in Inuit then in English. None yet Resolute Bay
4 Pause. "Thank you, to return to the main menu please press 1" None yet
5 "The party you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time, please leave your name, number and brief message and your call will be returned as soon as possible" http://vocaroo.com/i/s1eqfqnRzZyc  
6 "Please enter your fax number including area code, followed by the # key" http://vocaroo.com/i/s1QPB7Q8jHLY Braco left fax number, was told he would receive a fax within the "next few minutes". 24 hrs later, no fax received.
7 Female Voice: "Please hold while we transfer you to (Male voice Bureau Attendant). If you remain on hold we will try to connect you, or you can press any key to leave a message" Hold Music. Male Voice: "You've reached the Remote Services Bureau extension 800. Your call is being recorded. After the tone please speak clearly" Tone. Female Voice: "Thank you for calling, Goodbye" http://vocaroo.com/i/s0hASOolv5dz No Message has been left.
8 "Enter the 3 digit extension and pound sign"
9 Returns to main menu
* Mailboxes. "Please enter your mailbox number followed by the pound key." None yet L0j1k found this option and tried many combinations with no luck. Also tried to Google for messages against known default messages for voicemail systems with no luck.
18084 "You have reached the Material Order Desk , the operator is either on another line or away from the desk momentarily" None Yet

Misc Notes

  • Tones on this number sound very similar if not exactly the same as MD tones.
  • Resolute Bay was used as a launch area for Sounding Rockets
  • Braco called MD and got through to a person that answered the phone with "Yea?" instead of the usual MD greeting.
Recording: Full Converstation, Isolated section where MD is talking to colleague
[9:23 AM] <Braco> so first time I called MD today it went through to "Yea?" guy, second time to MD actual. On asking MD if it was the same guy he said he didn't remember and that he has had so many calls today "6 calls in the last 5 minutes"
[9:24 AM] <Braco> so to test this we need to get two people simultaneously calling MD and Yeah guy
[9:25 AM] <Braco> he also said he answers the MD phone with Message Desk but there is no "Yea?" phone.
[9:26 AM] <Braco> however I swear to god ive heard him answer Yea? to a few phone calls when he's been putting me on hold
  • Calling 888 854 2402 from Europe (23.06.2013 12:00)
your 888 is not toll free, your call will be charged at international tool rates
you have reached remote services bureau; please hold for routing or make your selection anytime; to perform expendile??? routing dial 1; to reach NST ext 555 dial 2; to monitor current conditions dial 3; otherwise dial 8 for internet extension??? or 0 for the attendant

Tue, 30 Apr 2013 07:00:00 +0000

   A New Message on 18084 lead us to the discovery of a new number (888 854 2402) with instructions saying that this needs to be called from a TDD Phone in Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL).

Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:00:00 +0000

   New drop in California on Agent number 18109 and new song on MoD number 888-854-2402. Excerpts from logs 

6th July 2013 changes

  • On July 6th, 2013 09:55 GMT new message was found on 888 854 2402 (no recording):
09:55 < L0j1k> "we're sorry, the corporate network is busy at this time. please try your call later."
09:55 < L0j1k> on 888
09:57 < L0j1k> "omaha hook ds-1"
09:57 < L0j1k> is the tag at the end of the "we're sorry, the corporate network is busy at this time. please try your call again 
later. omaha hook ds-1"
we're sorry, the corporate network is busy at this time. please try your call again later. omaha hook ds-1

  • July 7th, 2013, 02:32 GMT

888 854 2402 later changed again to "enter password"

02:32 < Trollstrich> 888 854 2402
02:32 < Trollstrich> asks for a password
02:34 < Trollstrich> http://vocaroo.com/i/s1gJsrPjHgyc
02:42 < Trollstrich> http://vocaroo.com/i/s0139yBr7v4R

30th July 2013 changes

08:48 < L0j1k> dial 888 854 2402 and then hit zero
08:49 < L0j1k> you'll hear PM saying "NWMDI"
08:52 < L0j1k> http://vocaroo.com/i/s0xNLonSBtkm
... ...
... ...

Wed, 31 Jul 2013 01:30:00 +0000

   New creepy message on MoD (888-854-2402) number. "CF-DENIED MTM 4-BY-3 CF-DENIED; CF-DENIED ON MTM-7". More info on UF and in LOGS after 21:30. Recording: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0w2OytWcCvb 

August 2013 changes

I think there was message like : Material order desk is unavailable" or osmething similar but i am not sure about it at all.

6th September 2013 changes

17:58 < Adah> that thing on the 888 number's pretty weird
18:01 < Adah> what did it say after the part about global communications?
18:01 < Adah> "12-8. Thank you for choosing Global Communications as your long distance carrier." Then something else
18:01 < sauceman> hang on, lemme record
18:11 < sauceman> http://vocaroo.com/i/s1sDu13g5bGB

9th September 2013 changes

[16:38]	w_larsen	heh
[16:39]	w_larsen	"number you have called is not availible in this area"
[16:39]	w_larsen	from skype phone

6th April 2014 changes

888 now redirects some users to 419_646_0004, and others still get the "Global Crossing" message.

[22:49]<crashdemons> either my phone is freaking out, or 888-854-2402 is redirecting me to Vaughnsville now.
[22:50]<crashdemons> seriously.
[22:50]<crashdemons> tried twice.
[22:54]<Mister_Argent> "12-8! Thank you for making global crossing your long distance company! You may now place dial 1 calls on our network. [repeats 3 times, is partially cut off by a off-hook tone on the third repetition]"
[23:01]<crashdemons> http://mirror.otp22.com/files/8888542402%23OUT%23C%23M_N_8_16_2_10%2306-04-2014_22-58-56.mp3
[23:02] <crashdemons> I get this now every time I dial the 888 number on my phone :|
[23:03]<invision> you have verizon?
[23:03]<Mister_Argent> I'm working with Verizon, myself
[23:04]<invision> whats the number?
[23:05]<crashdemons> 888-854-2402
[23:05]<invision> 646 0004 is not in service
[23:05]<invision> thats what i get from it
[23:05]<crashdemons> right!?!?!?
[23:05]<crashdemons> what the hell.
[23:05]<invision> i wonder what this dudes phone system is
[23:05]<crashdemons> see, I'm not crazy :p

January 2nd 2014 changes

The 888 number was now found to have a recorded message upon dialling.

"You have reached the Network Services Complex. Please note, the extension for the automated MSP maintenance system has been changed. Please refer to your official instructions for assistance. At the tone, you'll be prompted for an extension. In the future, press any key to skip this announcement. Thank you."

You then get a dialling tone where you can enter numbers. If you don't enter anything, or enter something incorrect, you get an "error siren".

User bobdamnit has reported different results when attempting to dial extensions - a few beeps and then a "busy" tone.

User Smugtrio was given a busy tone immediately on dialling MOD's number (on 9th Jan 2014).

The extension results in the table below have been called and verified by both morningcoffee and sauceman.

Extensions tried and result at time of dialling:

Extension # Result Date dialled
* error siren 8th Jan 2014
3 error siren 8th Jan 2014
20 error siren 8th Jan 2014
22 error siren 8th Jan 2014
99 error siren 8th Jan 2014
100 long tone, then long silence, then loud click http://vocaroo.com/i/s0vquUyoWrdP -- Warning: LOUD 10th Jan 2014
101 phone ringing 8th Jan 2014
102 long loud tone repeated many times (5 min+) http://vocaroo.com/i/s0JuyU8IMUw8 -- Warning: LOUD 10th Jan 2014
103 long silence 8th Jan 2014
104 eight low tones followed by busy signal http://vocaroo.com/i/s1p2db6fRNX7 10th Jan 2014
105 three tones of different pitches http://vocaroo.com/i/s1FK6QRLuidS 7th Jan 2014
106 phone ringing 8th Jan 2014
108 error siren 8th Jan 2014
109 error siren 8th Jan 2014
123 error siren 8th Jan 2014
143 error siren 9th Jan 2014
225 error siren 9th Jan 2014
301 error siren 10th Jan 2014
501 error siren 8th Jan 2014
701 error siren 8th Jan 2014
750 error siren 8th Jan 2014
1009 long tone, then silence, then loud click (same as 100) 9th Jan 2014
2014 error siren 8th Jan 2014
2326 error siren 9th Jan 2014

April 7th 2014 changes

Network Services Complex had a new voice prompt upon dialing.

"You have reached the network services complex. Please note, minor administration orders may now be created through oh-zero-oh-four. Thank you." It then goes to dialtone and waits for input, as normal. If you dial 0004 here, you get a menu.

"Administration menu. Press 1 for Deep Springs, press 2 for Cleveland Direct, or press 3 for MXP20".

Pressing 1 gives the message: "Press 1 to busy up the Deep Springs link work route, or press 2 to release. Press # for more info." Pressing # at this point: "When not in use, the Deep Springs route may be busied up through this routine. Please note, extended activity is NOT recommend. Routine calls may be placed through a Class 6 type (tie??) route."

Pressing 2 gives an error message.

Pressing 3 gives: "Legacy compatibility options are not currently available without assistance. Press 1 to switch MXP20 to 256 byte mode."