419 646 0004

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Phone Number: (419) 646-0004
Location Vaughnsville, OH
Company Vaughnsville Telephone
System Type Nonservice, SS5

Acquired From 202 999 3335 "not in service"

"The number is out of service."(419) 646-0004 is a telephone number located in Vaughnsville, Ohio. It was first discovered on September 17th 2012 from the other newly-discovered phone number 202 999 3335 as a not-in-service recording, which was mirrored on this line. This number has produced some interesting recordings and tones, but nothing that has either yielded or lead to information; for this reason, it is not confirmed to be related to OTP22.

Investigation See also 419 646 0004/Investigation.



  • September 18 2012: Message leading to 419 646 0004 X mark.svg(analysis)