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Investigation This is an investigation subpage.

The information found here includes bleeding-edge updates, information dumps, and speculation.
The factual/summarized article for this page is: 303 309 0004
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Buzzing 17 Sep 2012

Between 0400 and 0500 UTC, 2012-09-17, the main intelligence line (303-309-0004) stopped prompting for agent codes, and instead began returning noise. This noise was later determined to contain PSK31 data at 1000Hz. The communication was a new phone number, which was found to be hosting the agent code system. See Buzz investigation.

Error Message 30th October 2012

It changed to "We're sorry, an application error has occured, goodbye". The 202 number made the same change at the same time. Approximately four hours later the message changed again to say 'three'. 202 number changed to 'two' at the same time and the polish number to 'concern'.

This comment labeled New messages on 30th October 2012 was inside the Horns section (erroneously) I dug it out and put it here -- Crash demons (talk) 13:23, November 22, 2012 (UTC)
  • The "application error message" from 10/30/2012 (audio) was a Twilio error (link).

Rahm (talk) 16:00, November 2, 2012 (UTC)


Some research went going into analysing the tones given off by 303-309-0004 when called.(Some of the research is on the Horns investigation subpage.) They have now been decoded. Rahm's solution has been selected as correct.

HORN ONE http://dialer.otp22.com/2012-09-30%2020-00%20UTC%20-%20303-309-0004%20-%20364.
First time recorded: 9.29.2012 18:16 UTC

HORN ONE GLITCH http://dialer.otp22.com/2012-10-01%2002-00%20UTC%20-%20303-309-0004%20-%20364.wav
First time recorded: 10.01.2012 02:00 UTC

HORN TWO http://dialer.otp22.com/2012-10-01%2022-00%20UTC%20-%20303-309-0004%20-%20364.wav
First time recorded: 10.01.2012 22:00 UTC

HORN THREE http://dialer.otp22.com/2012-10-13%2001-15%20UTC%20-%20303-309-0004%20-%200.wav
First time recorded: 10.13.2012 01:15 UTC

HORN FOUR http://dialer.otp22.com/2012-10-14%2009-38%20UTC%20-%20303-309-0004%20-%200.wav
First time recorded: 10.14.2012 09:38 UTC

HORN FIVE http://dialer.otp22.com/2012-10-17%2013-35%20UTC%20-%20303-309-0004%20-%200.wav
First time recorded: 10.17. 2012 13:35 UTC

Please see Horn decoding tutorial for more information.

ITA2 Decoding


All the horns have been decoded with ITA2 (left msb).

Horn #2:

   11000 10110 01110 11000 11100 10110 10000
   00100 01010 00001 10111 00011 01110 10000
   00110 11110 00011 10000 00110 11000 01100

Decoded message:


Horn #3:

   00101 10000 00011 01010 10000 11000 11100 00001 11010 00011 00001 11000 11100

Decoded message:


Horn #4:

   11011 01010 00110 10011 10011 00001 10110 00111 10111 10110 10101 10111 00

Decoded message (discarding last two 0's):


It's a Polish phone number (from Warsaw) with a new ITA2 encoded message: +48 (22) 307-1061

Horn #5 is same binary as Horn #4

Rahm (talk) 00:25, October 19, 2012 (UTC)

Here's a small script to decode manually. "Left MSB" should stay checked, you may have to flip the bits. --Nfx (talk) 02:16, October 19, 2012 (UTC)

Archived Investigations

A portion of this investigation topic has been archived here. -- Crash demons (talk) 13:18, November 22, 2012 (UTC)

New message on October 31st

New message with various sound effects, beeps, tones, emergency broadcast buzz on both 202/303 phone numbers.

Please direct all on this message discussion to this link; the 202 page is less cluttered. -- Crash demons (talk) 09:59, October 31, 2012 (UTC)

NEW LONG SONG November 21st

Song1120.jpg Parts of recording:

  1. Distorted Millionaires - Talk Shit
  2. Fast morse beeping
  3. Distorted Uffie - First Love
  4. Distorted Uffie - First Love with bad signal and then it sound like changing stations on radio.
  5. Then baby saying: I love you, We love you, Forever beautiful. (Possible reference to what was written on the plushy, left by geocachers by coincidence, at the Rhode Island drop, the plushy had those words written on it, with Forever beautiful being the manufacturer)
  6. The baby voice repeats the same phrase in a more distorted pattern cutting off the end a few times.


we need to list all different parts of audio
need to recognize song
need to decrypt all parts


The first song seems to have low-frequency tones which are assumed to be ITA2. The second song also has interuptions (static on all frequencies) which may be ITA2 (most noticable around 4:51) -- Crash demons (talk) 04:49, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

<rahm> milllionaire message

Beeps at 3min

There are a series of beeps at 3:00 similar to those you hear in military movies, I do not know the proper name for them. -- Crash demons (talk) 04:49, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

The beeps have been isolated, it starts near the end of the first song and continues into the first 2 seconds of the second song. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0v5e1ejYDmZ

Ymgve's work

  • YRY is header
  • First name: Ai (Japanese for love)
  • Last name: Bouerges (extremely rare french variant name)
  • Date of birth: June 21st 1984 (Longest day of the year)
  • Height: 157cm
  • Weight: 49 kilograms
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Country of birth: Japan
  • Assignment date: 3rd October 2011
  • Passport: Japanese
  • Emerge (emergency?) Agent: xxxxxxx
  • Emergency code: xxxxx
  • Notes: Recent picture required of new assumed identity. Upload to 16241.

Source code here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=2uxF1aZP


  • Millionaires - Talk Shit
  • Uffie - First Love

[05:44]	Lurker69	FIRST SONG: Millionaires - Talk Shit
[05:44]	Lurker69	http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy4MDLwFSgo
[05:44]	Lurker69	not sure if original but lyrics is amazing again
[05:45]	Lurker69	http://img.buzznet.com/assets/imgx/5/6/9/5/2/3/1/orig-5695231.jpg
<Lurker69> SECOND SONG  Uffie - First Love
<Lurker69> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7gxVpY71uo
<Lurker69> http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/u/uffie/first_love.html

Progressively scrambled voices

At the end (5:36) of the songs is a voice speaking a message, followed by progressively more scrambled versions of it. Maybe a hint for the 709 number? -- Crash demons (talk) 04:49, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

<crash_demons> for me, the baby sounds like "I love you, We love you, Forever beautiful." 
<crash_demons> where have I heard this before

The 'baby' voice is actually a mans voice altered, the pitch was pushed up 12 half-tones.


[08:49] Hynix The distortion wouldn't cause the lack of phrase or pitch it takes to say
[08:49] Hynix "Be" sounds nothing like "Mo", even when distorted as much as the audio is.
[08:51] Hynix Also if you listen to it, and compare the way the voice says "Forever" with the
last part "More" you can hear the "or" in it.
[08:53] Hynix Specifically listen to it at 5:50 - 5:53 sounds like "Mo (break) re"

Upon further investigation by Hynix, the time distance of a 200ms break in the word "Beautiful" match across all iterations of the phrase. Further cleaning of the audio provides a clearer analysis leading to the original find by crash_demons.

See also

Agent Ai Bouerges