303 309 0004

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Phone Number: (303) 309-0004
Location Denver, CO
Company Level 3 Comm.
System Type Agent System, ITA2, Proxy, Unknown

Sync # 250.075
Word three

Acquired From GodLikeProductions

(303) 309-0004 is a telephone number located in Denver, Colorado. It was first mentioned in 2011 in a "numbers station" thread. Since the initial discovery, this Agent System has provided encoded transmissions containing ship coordinates, a second number, Dead drop locations, and seemingly-intercepted text communications.

Investigation See also 303 309 0004/Investigation.


On November 12th 2011, the user Reaperr posted a "Numbers station" thread on GodLikeProductions asking for input about the telephone number, where it was reported to be giving messages in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Eventually this number began prompting for an "Agent number as listed on OTP" before it would give out information, from which the Community named the telephone number an "Agent System".