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9/19: Possible convoy destination



Based on current course convoy is heading towards Svalbard

But can they sail right though North Pole? What about all the ice? It must be a mile thick on North pole! NOPE!

Presently it's about 2 metres Totally ice breakerable


[[1]] of reaching pole on The most powerful ice breaker ship in the world 50 Let Pobedy. @ 4:13 in the video it mentions nuclear waste being dumped

T minus countdown

19.9.2012 0:00 GMT Currently convoy is about 666 km far from North Pole (it is on 86° so 4° from North Pole). Based on its speed they will reach Svalbard in two weeks

20.9.2012 0:00 GMT Convoy is cca 450 km south of north pole.

9/25 Discovery of countdown to event

Discovery of new T-###### countdown for PAYLD. We can assume that some take off of the payload, whatever this is, will take place once the countdown is over. Theories are that it could be the launch of a satellite, missiles, or a space station, possibly.

27 Sep 2012 03:41:44 GMT will be T minus 0 for the payload.