Where the Black Fern Grows

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Where the Black Fern Grows, also known as the Old Black Book was an item retrieved from the Blue Hill public library drop in March 2015.

Supposedly the book is "a novel by Dr. J. Marvin Blackweather."


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In this particular book we see that a logo for the mysterious organization behind OTP22s events, WORM, has been given a logo and it reads the name of the org: "World Organization for the Reform of Metorology" [sic] with the motto: "Tempestas est Potentia" (Weather is Power).


Page 7 begins a narrative with various numbers included, a passing reference to the Red Book "Legacy of the Postal Reorganization Act", and an illustration of a worm or animal in the grass.

Operation Strong Room

Page 12 starts with a section on "Operation Strong Room", which has also been mentioned vaguely by the Agent System messages in the first half of 2015.

Communication Plan Agent Numbers

The section on Operation Strong Room list various agent numbers in relation to difference frequencies and group plans.

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Next to Last Page

The next to last page marks the end of the Encrypted mission hex, but also contains the following message:


This message is similar to an entry in the Green Book (see Green Book photograph below)

In the Green Book this decoded to 361112, however in the Black Book the formatting is different and the decoded value would be "361012".

Last Page

The last page of the Black Book contains the handwritten note:


PDF Download

The book can be downloaded here at this link.

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