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Investigation This is an investigation subpage.

The information found here includes bleeding-edge updates, information dumps, and speculation.
The factual/summarized article for this page is: Santa Clara drop
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Song - Grover Cleveland March

  • By 'Gilmore's Band'
  • Recorded during 1882 in New York City
  • Released during 1892

Stephen Grover Cleveland

Social Security Number & Name Text File

  • 17,657,708 Lines Total
  • Population of the United States in 1840 = 17,069,453 / Growth since 1830 = +32.7% - See
  • Population of New York State in 1982 was approximately 17,589,700 and grew to around 17,686,900 in 1983 - See Google Public Data Graph
  • Line 1858981 = 868-56-5657 GROVER, C J (Notable only because it matches the song title, is the only Grover to include only initials and references 'J')
  • Line 16172826 = 157-94-1713 CLEVELAND, STEPHEN (Only one match without middle initial, no other variations)
  • Line 17069453 = 882-17-4416 SHARP, JOHN B (Noted because this is the line that matches the 1840 population)
  • There are several partial matches to President Cleveland's parents, but nothing conclusive
  • The United States did not start issuing Social Security Numbers until 1935
  • User:UKspook's theory is that this file is made up of names from publicly available sources, with either random or real SSNs appended to them.

Agent Numbers & Model Numbers Text Files

  • Agent Number 17003 = ABISM TUNE
  • Some Agent numbers in the 18XXX range are currently active (this would follow the 1800s theme of the song and US population).
  • VECTORTONE ABISM MODEM = Possibly: Asynchronous Broadcast Integrated Serial Modulator - Modem