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Mysteries#Mystery_Fri,_01_Mar_2013_00:00:00_+0000 +What object is assembled from the components in the [[Component_drops|Component Drops]]?
Mysteries#Mystery_Fri,_01_Mar_2013_00:02:00_+0000 +What's with the [[Message_Desk/Investigation#Message_desk_tones|Message desk tones]]?
Mysteries#Mystery_Fri,_01_Mar_2013_00:03:00_+0000 +Can anybody reach the [[Malaysia rest stop drop|Malaysia]] drop?
Mysteries#Mystery_Mon,_04_Mar_2013_00:00:00_+0000 +Lots of stuff to interpret in the [[Worm book]].
Mysteries#Mystery_Mon,_04_Mar_2013_00:01:00_+0000 +Call the [[Worm phone numbers]] and record your findings.
Mysteries#Mystery_Mon,_26_Aug_2013_00:00:00_+0000 +We need to collect components at some active member and measure them exactly, dimensions, waight, volume... We also need some better pictures and see how parts could be assembled. [[LOG_with_more_data_about_components_from_27.8.2013|More details]]
Mysteries#Mystery_Mon,_30_Dec_2013_00:00:00_+0000 +Check these Agent codes regularly: 6873, 6875, 6876, 16041, 16042, 16043, 33330, 674826, 4064436, 4822010112
Mysteries#Mystery_Sun,_16_Jun_2013_00:00:00_+0000 +'''We need somebody who knows how to make a phonecall with spoofed number.''' Please report to #arg channel. You will need [ this link] with you.
Mysteries#Mystery_Sun,_26_May_2013_00:00:00_+0000 +Help us to recognize [ mysterious song] from micro SD card found in [[Santa_Clara_drop|Santa Clara drop.]] It is [ Grover Cleveland March by Gilmore's Band (1892)]
Mysteries#Mystery_Thu,_26_Dec_2013_00:00:00_+0000 +Fix the AGENT SYSTEM!
Mysteries#Mystery_Thu,_26_Dec_2013_00:01:00_+0000 +Call MD (202)-204-2303, Post results in, RECORD ALL CALLS and post them in chat for others to enjoy.
Mysteries#Mystery_Tue,_12_Mar_2013_00:00:00_+0000 +Is there anything we've missed in the [[Bangkok DVD]]?
Mysteries#Mystery_Tue,_12_Mar_2013_00:01:00_+0000 +What are the messages on [[202 999 3337]]?
Mysteries#Mystery_Tue,_30_Apr_2013_00:00:00_+0000 +Find agent to go and check FDD phones in Florida, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA 140 ft E [[Message:04/29/2013/18084/22:36]]
Mysteries#Mystery_Wed,_01_Jan_2014_00:00:00_+0000 +Help at transcribing [ Happy Songs] - turned out they were all old messages from oct 2012
Mysteries#Mystery_Wed,_27_Mar_2013_16:07:00_+0000 +How do we get the agent system back up?


News/2011-2012#Fri,_05_Oct_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +An [[Named_regions#Updated_Message_.2810.2F5.29|updated binary tone message]] from the <font face="Courier New">(709) 700-0122</font> number was decoded.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_07_Dec_2012_21:50:00_+0000 +New message on agent number 16041 [[202_999_3335/Investigation#New_message_on_December_7|INFO]]. [ Recording 2012-12-07 20-50 UTC 202-999-3335 16041].
News/2011-2012#Fri,_13_Jan_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +[ Captain_Jack] (aka [ wprtradio] on YouTube) on the GodLikeProductions forum [ posts a YouTube video] to the [ initial GLP post]. The condition code recorded in this call is '''Blue'''.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_14_Dec_2012_00:30:00_+0000 +MD is up. Nadando found that almost all of the numbers in the 3xx range give output in the xx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxx format.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_14_Dec_2012_02:30:00_+0000 +Agent systems seem to be down and sometimes calls to MD will forward to [[Message_Desk#Operations|"Operations"]] instead. Who is this guy, and what kind of input is he looking for?
News/2011-2012#Fri,_14_Dec_2012_05:30:00_+0000 +Xkeeper got MD to be somewhat conversational[]. MD describes the Message Desk as a "contract that requires him to dial into an ancient mainframe using an ancient modem." First confirmation that he is an employee?
News/2011-2012#Fri,_14_Sep_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +The dead drop was picked up at [ Lake Oswego Public Library] on page 271 (not 272) of the specified book.<br>
News/2011-2012#Fri,_14_Sep_2012_19:00:00_+0000 +A [[Message:09/15/2012/99286/19:00|NATO phonetic message was recorded with Agent code 99286]]. This message was decoded using ''p1.txt''. PAYLOAD THREE-TRAJECTORY GOOD-READY FOR REENTRY-TARGET MELTING COMPLETE. Another [[Message:09/15/2012/2896/14:40|NATO phonetic message was with Agent code 2896]]. Decoded using ''p2.txt''. MELTING OF INCOMPLETE-PAYLOAD THREE REENTRY WINDOW DELAYED BY NO LESS THAN FIVE DAYSS-SEA TROOP REQUESTING DROP.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_18_Nov_2011_00:00:00_+0000 +A [ post] is made to 800notes about the (303) 309-0004 number. Again, this post is not available in's repository.
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