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News/2011-2012#Fri,_05_Oct_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +An [[Named_regions#Updated_Message_.2810.2F5.29|updated binary tone message]] from the <font face="Courier New">(709) 700-0122</font> number was decoded.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_07_Dec_2012_21:50:00_+0000 +New message on agent number 16041 [[202_999_3335/Investigation#New_message_on_December_7|INFO]]. [ Recording 2012-12-07 20-50 UTC 202-999-3335 16041].
News/2011-2012#Fri,_13_Jan_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +[ Captain_Jack] (aka [ wprtradio] on YouTube) on the GodLikeProductions forum [ posts a YouTube video] to the [ initial GLP post]. The condition code recorded in this call is '''Blue'''.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_14_Dec_2012_00:30:00_+0000 +MD is up. Nadando found that almost all of the numbers in the 3xx range give output in the xx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxx format.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_14_Dec_2012_02:30:00_+0000 +Agent systems seem to be down and sometimes calls to MD will forward to [[Message_Desk#Operations|"Operations"]] instead. Who is this guy, and what kind of input is he looking for?
News/2011-2012#Fri,_14_Dec_2012_05:30:00_+0000 +Xkeeper got MD to be somewhat conversational[]. MD describes the Message Desk as a "contract that requires him to dial into an ancient mainframe using an ancient modem." First confirmation that he is an employee?
News/2011-2012#Fri,_14_Sep_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +The dead drop was picked up at [ Lake Oswego Public Library] on page 271 (not 272) of the specified book.<br>
News/2011-2012#Fri,_14_Sep_2012_19:00:00_+0000 +A [[Message:09/15/2012/99286/19:00|NATO phonetic message was recorded with Agent code 99286]]. This message was decoded using ''p1.txt''. PAYLOAD THREE-TRAJECTORY GOOD-READY FOR REENTRY-TARGET MELTING COMPLETE. Another [[Message:09/15/2012/2896/14:40|NATO phonetic message was with Agent code 2896]]. Decoded using ''p2.txt''. MELTING OF INCOMPLETE-PAYLOAD THREE REENTRY WINDOW DELAYED BY NO LESS THAN FIVE DAYSS-SEA TROOP REQUESTING DROP.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_18_Nov_2011_00:00:00_+0000 +A [ post] is made to 800notes about the (303) 309-0004 number. Again, this post is not available in's repository.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_19_Oct_2012_12:06:00_+0000 +New siren like sound found at 202-999-3335 (after Iridium) and on 303-309-0004 (after 5th horn). Needs looking into. Listen to [ the recording]. Volume down!
News/2011-2012#Fri,_21_Sep_2012_20:28:00_+0000 +Auto dialer recordings earlier in the day [*99283&fulltext=Search&ns0=1&redirs=1&profile=advanced recorded a new MSG code (99283)]. This MSG code was another "Gateway Two" message with a [[Message:09/21/2012/99283/20:28|new accompanied drop]] in Blue Hill, ME.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_23_Nov_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +'''REAL PERSON ANSWERING TO CALLS''' More info is [[Message_Desk]].
News/2011-2012#Fri,_26_Oct_2012_12:02:00_+0000 +After a third hunt of Chicago drop site found nothing, decision was made in #ARG to stop remaining searches as it now seems highly unlikely that any items will be found. Focus on the Polish number continues.
News/2011-2012#Fri,_28_Sep_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +[ SomethingAwful forum thread started]. Multiple NATO Messages received: [[Message:09/28/2012/99292/04:38]], [[Message:09/28/2012/99293/04:38]], [[Message:09/28/2012/99294/19:43]]
News/2011-2012#Fri,_30_Nov_2012_03:00:00_+0000 +There is now a 25 USD reward for solving the scrambled messages here:, No connection to Message Desk for the last two nights.
News/2011-2012#Mon,_01_Oct_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +The tones again remained on the entire day on both numbers.. but later in the day, tones on the <font face="Courier New">(303) 309-0004</font> number changed to a lengthier and varied (with probable encoded data) tone.Example tones: [ 22:00 UTC] and [ 23:00 UTC]. Mwally received the Blue Hill CD. Main IRC channel changed to #ARG from #otp22
News/2011-2012#Mon,_03_Dec_2012_03:00:00_+0000 +There is NEW SONG MESSAGE. Discovered by LordHeinrich on 202 number. [ Recording]. Add your observations [[202_999_3335/Investigation#NEW_SONG_RECORDING_.284th_one.29_message_03:00GMT_December_3.2C_2012|here]].
News/2011-2012#Mon,_08_Oct_2012_19:13:00_+0000 +Calls to the <font face="Courier New">(202) 999-3335</font> number result in a [[Message:10/08/2012/iridium/19:13|new message]] which mentions the "Iridium Satellite Tempe Gateway".
News/2011-2012#Mon,_10_Dec_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +"Gurgling" noise at 6-10 seconds in 202 204 2303 had been solved. [[202_204_2303/Investigation]][ Recording].
News/2011-2012#Mon,_10_Sep_2012_00:00:00_+0000 +[[Message:unk/unk/unk/1]] was the message recorded by the OP in the /b/ and /x/ threads. Calls to the <font face="Courier New">(303) 309-0004</font> number during this day relayed '''TROOP''', '''AGENT''', '''SUPPLY''', and '''AIRCFT''' tagged coordinates which were located in North America.
News/2011-2012#Mon,_15_Oct_2012_17:00:00_+0000 +The latest [[Message:10/15/2012/binary_tones/14:26|(709) 700-0122 message was decoded]]. The message contained the coordinates of the drops alluded to in prior messages. For more information, see [[Component drops]].
News/2011-2012#Mon,_15_Oct_2012_19:00:00_+0000 +''sevenpoundowl'' reports that he was unable to locate the '''Hawaii''' drop. His search was cut short due to the interference of local law enforcement entities. Images from ''sevenpoundowl'' are available [ here (on imgur)].
News/2011-2012#Mon,_15_Oct_2012_20:00:00_+0000 +''Vargomax'' recovers the [[Neary Lagoon drop]]. The drop was taped under the bench. The contents were ''two thin metal tubes and a package of silica desiccant gel''.
News/2011-2012#Mon,_15_Oct_2012_22:38:00_+0000 +''Diftraku'' recovers the [[Tapiola, Finland drop]]. The drop was located under old AA gun and in a black bag. The contents were a thin metal tube, 4 small square magnets, a spring, and a desiccant pack.
News/2011-2012#Mon,_17_Dec_2012_06:00:00_+0000 +ymgve cracked the Black OTP1 messages with the El Paso CD and and got a new [[Black_OTP1_messages|message]] referring to [[Component_drops|component drops]]! Looks like we might be getting more drop assignments in the future.
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