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Property:AGENT CODE description

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Agent Systems/0 +radio test
Agent Systems/1320 +ABISM maps service
Agent Systems/139028188 +"subsystem enabler code"
Agent Systems/150120587 +HF transmissions
Agent Systems/16000 +Directory for 16xxx range
Agent Systems/16001 +Ai Bouerges
Agent Systems/16002 +Agent 16002 description
Agent Systems/16003 +Agent 16003 description
Agent Systems/16041 +instructions for [[Agent Ai Bouerges|Ai Bouerges]]
Agent Systems/160410 +TBD
Agent Systems/16042 +instructions for agent 16002
Agent Systems/16043 +instructions for agent 16003
Agent Systems/16241 +Upload for agent 16001
Agent Systems/16242 +Upload for agent 16002
Agent Systems/16243 +Upload for agent 16003
Agent Systems/17001 +previously some kind of ABISM output
Agent Systems/17002 +ABISM encoded UNIX timestamp (updates every time it is accessed)
Agent Systems/17003 +ABISM modem tuning instructions
Agent Systems/17004 +ABISM unix epoch
Agent Systems/17010 +ABISM input?
Agent Systems/17011 +ABISM modem output, does not accept input
Agent Systems/18004 +black OTP
Agent Systems/18045 +Black OTP1 message
Agent Systems/18055 +Black OTP file 1
Agent Systems/18065 +black OTP 1
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