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Project MLPL is the assumed name for an in-universe(fictional) operation within the Alternate Reality Game, given by the person (Puppet Master) running the ARG.


A common classification for decoded messages is SECRET//PRJMLPL//75X5. If this is interpreted according to the USA's rules for classified information, this means the following:

  • SECRET: the information, if released, would cause serious damage to the organisation
  • PRJMLPL: this is a compartment for the information; even members of the organisation with a secret clearance would not be allowed to see this information unless they were cleared specifically for PRJMLPL
  • 75X5: the information is exempt from declassification for 75 years, for reason 5. (In the case of US classified material, reason 5 is material that would "reveal formally named or numbered U.S. military war plans that remain in effect, or reveal operational or tactical elements of prior plans that are contained in such active plans": see EO 13526 section 3.3 paragraph b.)


It is assumed that PRJ stands for Project. It is not yet known what MLPL stands for.

Guesses as to what MLPL might mean include:

  • Project melting the pole, ie Arctic region and North Pole. This is because there has been a lot of focus on the Arctic and ships named Melters.

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