Patterns in the drops

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Patterns in the drops have been observed in the drops so far, the main pattern being a very similar latitude for each drop. We have had latitudes of 45.4 (first drop Lake Oswego Public Library), 44.4 (second drop Blue Hill phone booth drop) and 44.9 (third drop Black Oak Lake cemetery). The third drop was placed directly in the center of the first two drops latitudinally.

Each drop has been on mainland USA, each drop has been a fairly small town location.

Each drop had a descriptive geographical name.

We will continue to check for patterns as it helps us discern if a GPS co-ordinate is a possible drop location.

On the map A is drop 1, B is drop 3, and C is drop 2.

Third map shows possible drops discovered 5th October 2012. There are three clear lines linking three locations each. The new locations are Finland, Hong Kong, Hawaii, California, and Illinois.


Map of first three drops, A is 1st, B is 3rd, C is 2nd





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