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North Dakota CD

CD: North Dakota CD
Found at North Dakota drop
Current location blyind's house
Condition readable
Type CD

Size 702 MB
Contents modified Ubuntu distro

Drop location

Found by Redditor sadiedog77 at the North Dakota drop, taped to a sign saying "Little Missouri National Grasslands". Sent via snail mail, currently in posession of blyind.


This is OTP BLACK 2.

c323af925b954fafbc755a8f2d75fde8eaffd66e94b5726805396a0ae9a520a4  north_dakota.iso

Extracted OTP block:

8580e981508e69a70ad575ff577c32570a2d1478b3410194115650f71c27992d  north_dakota.bin

Download link of block: north_dakota.bin