Norfolk drop

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Norfolk drop
Location     Norfolk, VA
Coordinates 36.849453°, -76.294713°
Landmarks Marine observation tower, USS Wisconsin BB-64
Items Punchcard
People/Visitors jalbertbowdenii
Found 1-31-2014
Type Other
Status Acquired

The Norfolk drop was a dead drop made in Norfolk, Virginia. It consisted of a punchcard taped to the back of a plaque about the marine observation tower at the Pagoda and Oriental Garden, on the waterfront of Freemason Harbor, and opposite the docked USS Wisconsin.

Discovery on the agent system

Agent code 22

This drop originated with the decoding of the "bloop" heard at the beginning and end of recent Agentsys recordings.

#22 On Dialer

The "Bloop" was decoded into a binary string (010100101000) which translated to "1320".

Agent code 1320

Agent Code 1320 contained BPSK64 data which revealed the coordinates of the drop as well as "81320".

"i/DROP/36.849453/-76.294713/NOTES/SI/NOTES/IMG ON 81320/o"

Agent code 81320

Agent code 18320 presented the SSTV image of the drop location.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
IBM 5081 Punchcard (Norfolk) Unknown Received Smugtrio Given to l0j1k? please verify.

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This punchcard was found taped to the underside of the informational plaque at one of the vistas within the park.

Transcription of punchcard: