Nadando package drop

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Nadando package drop
Location     Tempe, AZ
Coordinates 33.4147°, 111.9086°
Landmarks Package
Items PINK book
People/Visitors Nadando
Found 2-25-2013
Type Book
Status Acquired

Nadando requested a package from the Message Desk and gave his home address. A package (picture below) postmarked Anchorage, AK, 21st Feb 2012 (!), arrived and proved to contain a book. The book, Global Response Codes by Dr. J. Marvin Blackweather, contains a list of Message Desk codes. (This is a fictitious book.) The wrapping had a list of numbers. The back of the book contains a valid French EAN-13 code for an unknown/nonexistent product. However when scanned the bar-code reads as 9780816041954 (First Ladies) which is the same as the bar-code on the cover of Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuaries.


Do NOT request these codes randomly from the Message Desk. On the first page of the book, it says:

Some inquiry codes are single use.  Obtain clarification from Message Desk as code depletion cannot be reversed.

In other words, if you call a single-use code, it is gone forever; don't risk wasting them.

A transcription of the book is available.

Package details

  • The postmark shows the wrong year. Even if this is just a glitch in the Anchorage post office, the package is postmarked Feb 5 and arrived Feb 25; normally parcel post between Alaska and Arizona would take 4 days.
  • The stamps refer to Hawaii, Arizona (Navajo jewelry), and possibly "Forever beautiful" (FOREVER stamps).
  • Peeling back the bottom row of stamps revealed the numbers 4064436 in reverse, when this code is entered into the agent system the following response "stamp code: please return to this agent code at a later date" Recording:


Plastic Sleeve

  • A plastic sleeve enclosed the book, on the back of this were numbers writen in black marker pen.

These are:


Book details


Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Nadando's Global Response Codes book Unknown Received L0j1k None
Nadando package envelope Unknown Unknown Unknown None
Nadando package sleeve Unknown Unknown Unknown None

[See Drop Item Inventory to edit this.]


Duplicate codes

  • 12754: El Aaiun, Western Sahara; Laayoune, Western Sahara (synonyms)
  • 13700: Gasteiz, Basque Country; Vitoria, Basque Country (synonyms)
  • 16943: Arlington, District of Columbia; Arlington, Virginia (same place)
  • 42466: Laudio, Basque Country; Llodia, Basque Country (synonyms)
  • 83564: Arrasate, Basque Country; Mondragon, Basque Country (synonyms)
  • 87673: Donostia, Basque Country; San Sebastian, Basque Country (synonyms)
  • 63533: Byrd, Antarctica; Navassa, US Minor Outlying Islands
  • 67632: Bharati, Antarctica; Serranilla, US Minor Outlying Islands
  • 24593: Artigas, Antarctica; Jarvis, US Minor Outlying Islands
  • 32791: Amundsen-Scott, Antarctica; Howland, US Minor Outlying Islands