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Investigation See also Message desk OS prompts/Investigation.

February 19th 2013 05:50 UTC smugtrio called the Message Desk. The results were unexpected.

m: message desk
s: hi, AB000
m: uh, I, hold on (frustrated noises, beeping in background)
m: do you know anything about mainframes?
s: uh, no?
m: think I broke something
m: do you know anything about mainframs?
s: not particularly
m: something's not right here, I should not be here, at this prompt. I think I broke something but I don't know what I did.
s: I could not tell you
m: try typing help
m: huh, that's cute
m: go help: index, print, read, write
m: I don't know, this thing has dumped me to the mainframe prompt, and as you can probably hear, there's an alarm going off on the other line. There's nothing I can do to stop it right now.
m: My job is to type in what you tell me to type in, so I can type in AB000 but I don't think it's going to give me anything at this prompt.
m: no, it says nothing found for AB000
s: ok
s: would you like me to try back later?
m: whatever you'd like to do, cause I am stuck here right now, so unless you have any suggestions for what I should be typing in
s: just one moment, see if I can find something for you
s: are you still at the prompt?
m: yeah
s: what else are you seeing there?
m: well it's just that, I think this is the mainframe prompt, it's two equals and an arrow sign
m: I can type in help
m: help prints out, go, help index, print, read, and write
s: can I give you something else to try and type?
m: sure
s: it's IOIGQ
m: say that again
m: ok, it just says nothing found for that string
s: ok, how about a, can you put in a directory? maybe by typing dir or ls
m: nothing found for dir
s: what about ls?
m: an index here, can try that
s: index on ls?
m: what's that
s: when you type in ls it said index?
m: no, I typed dir, nothing found, ls, nothing found, but it says index here so I typed that
m: and we have, a listing with ops, self, sys, temp
s: what is the prompt that you're at say now?
m: it's just, same prompt, it's just 2 equals and an arrow
s: it's just what?
m: two equals and an arrow, is the prompt
s: can you try and get into the ops directory
m: what should I type
s: either cd ops or just try typing ops
m: it says nothing found for cd
s: how about just try typing ops
m: nothing found for ops
s: ok, can you type help again
m: ok, go, help, index, print, read, write
s: ok, how about index ops
m: index ops, ok
s: did it bring you back to the initial prompt?
m: yeah
s: can you do index self? or do those appear as directories, those last things you read to me?
m: ok, I can do index self
m: it says config, just another listing
s: can we try index ABISM?
m: that didn't return anything
s: how about index ZEUS?
m: same thing
s: can we do index MELTER?
m: same thing
s: same thing, no read back?
m: no, just going back in the prompt
s: can you try, read ZEUS?
m: nothing, it says no file
s: are all of these lines that you read earlier, like ABISM, ATT DEPLOY, MELTER, are these on separate lines or all on the same line?
m: they're all on the same line
s: can you trying doing a print ZEUS
m: it says no file
s: can you try doing help read question mark ?
m: help read question mark
s: or just help read
m: it just says, read record
s: so we've already tried read, can you 
m: I don't know what directory I'm in here
m: it's not like DOS where it says, so
m: ok, so I type index, here, it just says OP SELF SYS TEMP
s: can you do index SYS?
m: index SYS, we have, APP, OPT, CONFIG
s: and what if you type help GO? does that give you prompts or anything?
m: just says GO tree
s: can you try, GO ZEUS?
m: says no tree
s: in the index sys, you said APP OPT, as in options, not OTP?
m: right, ops, OPT
s: can you do, help index?
m: it says, index [TREE]
s: can you do, index TEMP?
m: index TEMP, says file1 test, fileI, fileL
s: can you do help PRINT?
m: it says, PRINT [TEXT]
s: can you print OTP?
m: print OTP, it says, OTP
s: it just says OTP?
m: yeah
s: but when you print ZEUS it says no file?
m: I typed, read ZEUS and it said no file
s: ok, can you try print ZEUS
m: print ZEUS, it says ZEUS
s: can you read OTP?
m: it says no file
s: and you can't change directories to ZEUS, right?
m: like, go ZEUS doesn't work, but ZEUS is inside OPS, so if I type index OPS, I can do that
m: ok, the full thing, so I type index OPS, and it says on the next line, got two equals sign space OPS and then a right bracket space and then two more arrows
m: and then some numbers like 13 34 10 22 0b ABISM 13 28 10 22 0b AG 13 21
s: what was that after ABISM?
m: well that was the first line
m: the second line started with 13 28 and then the 2 middle columns are the same essentially, 2 0 b and then AGT
s: ok, so what happens if you try and type go ops?
m: so if I type go OPS, alright, don't see anything, so if I type index now
m: I'm in OPS, the directory now
s: type index now and see what comes up, see if it lists the directory
m: yeah I mean, that's what I did before
s: now that you're in that working directory, type go ZEUS (parrot noises obscuring)
m: type go zeus?
m: now I type index
m: it says no access
s: ZEUS, it says no access?
m: I type go ZEUS, then I type index, it said no access
s: you're in the OPS directory now right?
m: yeah
s: and when you type read ZUES in the ops directory does anything happen?
m: read ZEUS, it says no access
s: so read ZEUS, it says no access
m: yeah
s: when you index it shows all the files correct?
m: yep
s: trying to make a note of this
s: could you try read ABISM?
m: no access, same thing
m: so, ok, so the only one I can go into is ORDER
s: so what does that say, read ORDER or go ORDEr?
m: read order doesn't give me anything, go order works and then I can index
m: so that's got numbers here, it's just
m: if I do, read 1001
m: read, 1001 gets me AB101, AB101-DOC, and then it's got a name and address here
s: what's the name and address?
m: I remember putting this in, this is somebody's order that they put in
s: does it show a shipping number?
m: just AB101, AB101-DOC, their name, their address, tempe arizona, etc
s: can I place an order through that system?
m: we can try, so you just want to try putting one in manually? looks like they go out through 1015
s: try 1016?
m: 1016, and then do you have an order code?
s: order code is, VID-ZEUS-0002
m: ok, it says no access
s: when you try to write, did it work when you try to write AB1016?
m: I tried the write command, that's no access
s: can you try typing sudo, S U D O?
m: nothing found for SUDO
s: can you list or see what's in AB1015?
m: we have AB106, and an address
s: no AB106-DOC though, in that folder?
m: no just AB106 in this one
s: do you mind telling me the address?
m: I suppose, it says El Paso
s: that was AB1015, right
m: 1015, in the order directory they're just numbers
s: how about 1014, is there a doc in that file?
m: read 1014, ok
s: hello?
s: Hello?
s: Ok, good, just making sure
s: so 1014, there's no DOC or anything?
m: it's just, uh read 1014 gives me AD106… Uhh.. the name, address, Toronto, etc.
s: You said AB1015 was El Paso, Right?
m: Uhh.. well, I mean.. whatever, record 1015, is, has order for uh, AB106 and it's going to El Paso
s: ok
s: We're still in the OPS directory, correct?
m: We're in OPS>ORDER, I.. I think, yeah.
s: ok
s: Can you uh, sorry I've forgotten the structure here, um, can we do um, index OTP?
m: Uh, 'no tree'
s: 'no tree?'
m: Correct
s: And you're in OPS, yes?
m: I'm in OPS>Order
s: Ops>Order, ok, can you back out? Like, Go OPS?
m: GO space, GO OPS?
s: Right, to try and back out one directory
m: Says 'no tree'
s: no tree, um can you do 'go (space) (dot dot)'?
m: 'no tree'
s: 'no tree..' um, hmm, ok, can you, you're still in ORDERS correct?
m: Right
s: Okay, can you try um AB000 again? In Orders?
m: Try What now?
s: Maybe WRITE AB000?
m: Write AB000.. says no access.
s: Okay, um, what is that alarm in the background? What does that signify?
m: THAT.. is the monitoring line, that is normally quiet, but it's not today.
s: Okay.. And uh, what does it monitor?
m: It's, it's this stupid system?
s: Ok? (Laughter) What system is that?
m: (Laughter) The thing that I, I mean I dunno, I, I have not dealt with that as much.  I think they've, I think they sometimes I dunno, I don't set this thing up man. (Laughter)
m: There's two lines: that we can dial into for this job, one of them is a modem, one of them is this line that is capable of producing lots of horrible noises.
s: Okay?
m: But normally the other one is just quiet, it's just. its just on uh, this lovely merlin phone here
s: Okay.
s: Um, okay, one more question for you.  So when uh, when I had you try to read ZEUS, you said there was a string of numbers at the end of it? Or a string of numbers that kicked back?
s: 13, 34, 1022, 0b
m: Uh, well those are in the directory listing.
s: Oh,
m: So like in, so like the listing for OPS of, It's a number uh.. most of them start with 13, then the middle number is always 1022 and then 0B lowercase B and then like ABISM AGT Deploy, different for each line.
s: Ok, Um, can you try print directory?
m: Print Directory?
s: Yeah.
m: It says directory.
s: Okay um, how about can you type GO (equals equals)?
m: Go, equals equals… No tree.
s: How about go (space) forward slash?
m: Go (space) forward slash, no tree.
s: No tree..
m: Okay, what about, hold on. So, ok so, this thing, so I've got like (greater than) OPS uh, (greater than) ORDER. So if I just type go (greater than) OPS and I type INDEX, there we go, OK!
m: There, that did it.
s: So you're back in, root, I guess.
m: I'm back in OPS, now. I'm in OPS now, okay.  Go (greater than), index, there we go now I'm back to the root.
s: Ok
s: Ok, when you index in the root, it give you OPS (interrupted)
m: Okay
(Female in background on Smugtrio's End)
s: Um, okay, can you type uh, read (greater than) SYS (greater than) config?
m: Okay, it uh… just says tree.
s: Just says tree..
s: Okay, can you type Go (Space, greater than) SYS (greater than) config?
m: Okay, Umm. We have, Uh, ADMIN, BOOT, DISK, LOCAL, TREE, yeah. Admin Boot, Dick Local and Tree.
s: Admin? Boot?
m: What's that?
s: Admin? Boot? Disk? LocalTree?
m: Admin, Boot, Disk, Local and Tree.
s: Okay. Can you Go Boot?
m: Kay
s: Can you do an INDEX in that?
m: Mmmm. Trying to index.
s: Trying to index?
m: It's just waiting. It's not doing anything right now.
m: Okay, it says too many records.
s: Okay, um, can you uh, can you do um, index admin?
m: Okay, Spinning again.
s: What's spinning, the cursor?
m: I just mean it's it's just you know, going to the next line and now we're just waiting.
s: Gotcha
m: Okay, too many files.
s: Ok.
m: Er, too many records, records, files, records.
s: Okay
m: Okay, hang on I'm just poking around here, it's like SYS, OPS we have: FLUSH, LOCKOUT, MAKEDISK and REINIT
m: Yeah, one word R-E-I-N-I-T - REINIT
s: Um, okay, can you try to index something for me?
m: Okay.
s: Can you do INDEX (space, greater than) OPS (greater than) MELTER?
m: No access.
s: No access..
s: Okay, under SYS>OPS can you try um, READ REINIT?
m: Okay.. SYS, uh OPS REINIT, Okay?… Ooh. Hm. (Harsh keyboard tapping, unresponsive)
s: Sounds like your alarm stopped.
m: Yes, it, everything appears to have stopped.
s: Okay? What is everything?
m: I mean like, I don't even get a prompt now.
s: I don't even get a prompt..
s: Well, maybe it's restarting?
m: Mayyybe? I dunno! (More keyboard tapping) Cmonnnnn.