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Audio file:     here
Recorded on 12/15/2012
MSG timestamp 21:04
Recorded by auto dialer
Agent Code 17001
Transcription? transcribed
Message type: ABISM modem
Encryption type: ABISM, DEC SIXBIT + mark parity

Decrypted transcribed message

"=========\\_ABISM\\_==========\\_REQ>@\\_REQ>@\\_REQ>@" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki. ==========\\_ABISM\\_==========\\_REQ>@\\_REQ>@\\_REQ>@



Spectogram (only last part) (whole peace)

Hynix found possible 8th bit in it
the 2 line is at 2.5k Hrz --- 2 Line separated
if you compare your spectro to (and move 392 to the beginning) you can see that last bit on yours ("2") is not present on ygves pastebin

CHAT LOGS with explanation how to decipher it

[00:44] AluisioASG ==========\\_ABISM\\_==========\\_REQ>@\\_REQ>@\\_REQ>@
[00:44] AluisioASG YEAH!
[00:44] Ymgve how
[00:45] AluisioASG DEC SIXBIT + mark parity
[00:45] AluisioASG "One popular variant was DEC SIXBIT. This is simply the ASCII character codes from 32 to 95 coded as 0 to 63 by subtracting 32; it includes the space, punctuation characters, numbers, and uppercase letters, but no control characters."
[00:46] AluisioASG 392 is mark parity; if it's not there, then there was a transmission error.
[00:46] Ymgve it's not really parity then
[00:46] Ymgve just a stop bit

[00:48] Ymgve also I think you got it wrong, I think \_ is actually some CRLF thing
[00:48] Ymgve carriage return

[00:48] AluisioASG Read them as bits (in the pastebin order); ignore the 392 column; add 32 and interpret as ASCII.
[00:50] AluisioASG right (line 1 is 0111011)
[00:57] crash_demons ==========\
[00:57] crash_demons ABISM\
[00:57] crash_demons ==========\
[00:57] crash_demons REQ>@\
[00:57] crash_demons REQ>@\
[00:57] crash_demons REQ>@
[00:58] AluisioASG So, are we supposed to answer in 17201?
[00:58] Adah How did we decode it, btw?
[00:58] Adah You don't have to tell me if it's really long and involved, haha
[00:59] crash_demons Adah, even frequencies, six character bits.