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Message:10/04/2012/binary tones/02:25

Phone number     7097000122
Audio file:     Unspecified

Recorded on 10/04/2012
MSG timestamp 02:25
Recorded by Shidda
Approx. Message length 01:44

Condition code n/a
Situation code n/a

Agent Code unknown or unspecified

Transcription? transcribed
not decoded

Salt unavailable

Flags binary tones
Encryption type: {{{encryption}}}

Link to raw audio


Raw transcribed message

<tones play from 0:05 to 1:06>

<two rings>

The number or code you have entered is incorrect. Please check the number or code and try again.

<assumed Spanish equivalent>

Message 7. Switch 692.

The number or code you have dialed is <disconnection>

Go team Shidda.

Decoded transcribed message


[21:58] <air_julio> TEXT FROM DAN "Just got back to the cemetary"
[22:01] <air_julio> PIC OF BELL INCOMING
[22:02] <air_julio_>
[22:02] <air_julio> told him to check it
[22:03] <air_julio> TEXT FROM DAN : "Nothing inside it.  I checked"
[22:19] <air_julio> oh man just got chills
[22:20] <air_julio> TEXT FROM DAN "I found something"
[22:23] <air_julio> 7097000122
[22:23] <air_julio> "A single blue laminated index card.  the only thing on it are the numbers 7097000122"
[22:26] <air_julio> pic incoming
[22:26] <air_julio_>

This call was recorded by Shidda.