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Phone number     3033090004
Audio file:    

Recorded on 09/12/2012
MSG timestamp 06:41
Recorded by not_FBI_
Approx. Message length 0:50

Condition code Red, Bogey/Red, Bogey
Situation code Delta

Agent Code 9696

Transcription? transcribed

Salt unavailable

Flags compromised
Encryption type: None

Raw transcribed message

This code has been compromised. Transferring to your Group One incident handler for reassignment. Your passcode is 40CH.


Group One incident response. Press * for immediate TSA page, otherwise leave contact information.

Start your <interruption> Your party is now being paged. <ding-dong>


First reported in #otp22 by not_FBI_ at 02:41 AM EST (06:41 UTC)