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[[Bellwood water tower drop]]
[[Bellwood water tower drop]]
{{Sources|Dead drops}}
{{Sources|Dead drops}}
[[Category:Component drops]]

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Manoa Chinese Cemetery
Location     Honolulu, HI
Coordinates 21.3189°, -157.8018°
Landmarks Banyan tree


People/Visitors sevenpoundowl
Found 10-15-2012
Type Other
Status Visited

Manoa Chinese Cemetery is one of the Component drops. The cemetery is in Hawaii, and the dead drop location is a large Banyan tree inside it. The drop has been a problem as no drop item was found on the first day of hunting, despite two trips to the location by drop agent sevenpoundowl. There are police frequently at the location which also hindered progress.

Sevenpoundowl searched again on 19th October with his girlfriend, and only found a plastic wrapper.

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