Malaysia rest stop drop

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Malaysia rest stop drop
Location     Rest stop on North-South highway
Coordinates 4.8292°, 100.6748°
Landmarks Fire hydrant
Items Component
People/Visitors Brethren
Found 03-24-2013
Type Other
Status Acquired

The Malaysia rest stop drop was acquired from a sequence of Black OTP1 messages and a message desk call February 19th 2012. It's a bright red box in the northbound Taiping rest stop of the North-South Highway. People on the Malaysian reddit say that it's a firehose box and would be locked. On March 24 Redditor Brethren visited and found the package taped to the bottom of the box.


Brethren visited the site and found the component we lost in the grass at the Swan Point Cemetery drop. Note reference to "grassroots" in the keepalive call:

sukasa: requesting information, do we have all of the components 
message desk: in response to question 10, submit component imagery for 9, to 9 for analysis, are concerned transport of component to Tucson did not reach intended recipient due to transcoding error, may have gone to subject of interest instead, are assessing situation 
sukasa: and what is complete component list? 
message desk: in response to question 12, due to operational security, please provide imagery of components received to agent 9, we will drop the remainder, have had problem with grass roots counter operation and percentage was lost

Gallery 9MSY1Bm.png

Transcript of IRC chat reporting find

[10:31]	-->|	brethren (cabc0f75@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #arg
[10:34]	brethren	hi all
[10:34]	brethren	i've recovered the malaysia taiping drop
[10:43]	Braco	hey brethren
[10:44]	Braco	thats great news!
[10:44]	Braco	What was it>
[10:44]	brethren	not sure. few small parts
[10:44]	brethren	gonna upload the pics in a min
[10:44]	Braco	thanks dude
[10:44]	Braco	and thank you so much for picking it up
[10:44]	Braco	where was it located? on the fire hydrant?
[10:47]	brethren	no probs
[10:47]	brethren	it was located on the underside
[10:47]	Braco	ahh was it taped down?
[10:48]	brethren	the hydrant was steel. package was in a black plastic bag with neodium magnets on each corner
[10:48]	Braco	yep that sounds familiar!
[10:48]	brethren	in each corner. it'll be easier to understand when i upload the pics lol
[10:49]	brethren	ahh so i guess this is not the first
[10:49]	Braco	yeah we've seen this style of package at previous drops
[10:49]	Braco	nah this is I think the 6th to be recovered that look like that
[11:05]	brethren	ok uploaded
[11:05]	brethren
[11:05]	Braco	sweet!
[11:06]	brethren	i don't know what to make of it
[11:06]	Braco	oh man im so glad you didnt lose those tiny components
[11:06]	Braco	we had someone who opened a drop in rhode island when they found it at the site
[11:06]	brethren	it was sealed nicely in the bag.
[11:06]	brethren	hahah and it fell out i suppose
[11:06]	Braco	and they ended up dropping one of those real tiny pieces and couldnt find it again
[11:06]	Braco	yep!
[11:07]	brethren	yeah, was patient enough to open it later
[11:07]	Braco	great work man
[11:07]	Braco	when everyone else gets up they are going to be super excited by this news!
[11:07]	brethren	almost 3hr drive from KL lol
[11:07]	Braco	we have literally been trying to get someone there for over 5 weeks now
[11:07]	Braco	wow you drove all the way from KL?
[11:07]	brethren	yep
[11:07]	Braco	dedication!
[11:08]	Braco	honestly thank you so much
[11:08]	Braco	words can't even begin to describe how happy I am you found it
[11:08]	brethren	had something up in ipoh this morning so i went after that
[11:08]	Braco	im in a bit of disbelief actually hahah
[11:08]	Braco	ah awesome
[11:08]	brethren	ipoh's like 30mins away frm taiping
[11:16]	Braco	do you mind shipping the components over to NA? we have a guy there who has all of the components so far (they all assemble one device)
[11:16]	brethren	yep


Query on r/malaysia

Agent code 18054

Z 19034239Z FEB 13 

Agent code 18055

Z 19040918Z FEB 13 

Agent code 18105

Z14081822 Z FEB 13 

Message desk 370

370: 47/685730/534018 
4.829245727785026, 100.67477855257337 

Agent 891038117

agent number 891038117 is SSTV [[1]]


Drop Acquisition

2/19/2013 Smugtrio has contacted a Taiping citizen and arranged for him to visit the location, search for the parcel and provide pictures. Will update as info is received. The user Zafran was found on in the #kampung channel.

Transcript of the conversation