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MLPL-0000000 also known as WORM ORDER 9482.9M is a document retrieved from the El Cerrito drop CD.[1] The document is a PDF document created using a scanner - the scanned document details part of the 2013 Season Objectives for Project MLPL.

Many sections are redacted or unreadable due to the quality of the scan or intentional obscuring, however some important information can still be gained from it.

In particular, the document establishes WORM's intentions in creating climate change, infiltrating the Svalbard Global Seed Vault and in assembling the metallic components. It also re-asserts the importance of the "Encapsulated Particle Jet Aircraft Fuel Disbursement Vector (EPJ- AFDV)" and roadside spraying - something that was previously mentioned in the second copy of the Green Book from the Idaho drop.

In regards to the EPJ-AFDV and roadside spraying, the primary objective for these actions is redacted and otherwise unknown. It has been speculated that this might be related to the other item from the second Green Book: Hybridized Chocliobolus Heterostrophus, which appears to be an engineered crop blight. [2]

The document can be viewed here: link.[3]


The document was first mentioned by name (MLPL-0000000) in the Pennsylvania Tree Trunk drop disc [4] , which described it as "MLPL Objectives", referring to the season objectives of Project MLPL. The document appeared again later in the El Cerrito drop CD. After applying LSB4 decoding, the second audio track included the same name for the document. [5] [1] [6]

After the same method was applied to the first track of the El Cerrito CD, a PDF document was discovered. [1][6][3] The document is available here: link.


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Source document(s): El Cerrito Audio Track 1 hidden document - see here
From: Commandant: Dr. J. Marvin Blackweather
To: Distribution list
(a) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(b) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(c) xxxxxxxxxx xxxx
(d) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(e) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(f) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
(g) xxxxxxxxxxx
(h) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(i) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Encl: (1) Directive Procedural Guidance

  1. Situation. To provide clarification on project
    procedures, guidelines, and scheduled activities.
  2. Cancellation. 9482.9L
  3. Mission. This order provides guidance, policy, and
    instructions for the continuation of PRJMLPL into the
    2013 season.
  4. Execution.
    1. Distribution of information through Agent System

      • Gain access to Seed Vault
          1. (a) Obtain backup components from secret

          2. (b) If possible, obtain existing components
            from counter operation.
          3. (c) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          4. (d) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          5. (e) Assemble all components.
          6. (f) Obtain xxxxxxxxxx document.
          7. (g) Proceed to Svalbard.
          8. (h) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          9. (i) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          10. (j) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          11. (k) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          12. (l) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          13. (m) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        • Continue climate acceleration plan for 2013
            1. (a) Position melters at spring ice cap
            2. (b) Initate melting operation.
            3. (c) Track ice edge, position melters as
            4. (d) Identify ice thickness using ice
              thickness satellite mapping.
            5. (e) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            6. (f) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            7. (g) Detonate disbursement warhead before
              impact, if necessary.
          • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
              1. (a) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                  1. 1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                      1. a. xxxxxxx

                      2. b. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                      3. c. Encapsulated Particle Jet Aircraft
                        Fuel Disbursement Vector (EPJ-
                        AFDV) per Executive Order xxxxx.
                          1. Ensure encapsulator has
                            temperature rating of at most

                          2. Supply xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                            International Group (xxxxx)
                            with EPJ-AFDV solution;
                            reference EO xxxxxx section
                      • 2. Ground spray; roadside
                    • (b) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                    • (c) xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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