Lewis and Clark Park drop

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Lewis and Clark National Historical Park
Location     Astoria, OR
Coordinates 46.1174307103862°, -123.874887389293°
Landmarks Slug carving/art
Items Keycard
People/Visitors invision
Found 2-21-2014
Type Other
Status Acquired

On February 21st, a book cover upload from Exciting Books contained the text "Code 128" next to the barcode. When read with ZBAR, the barcode yielded "SLUGUTM" (perhaps referencing a "Slug" book previously posted) and using the text below the barcode as UTM coordinates, a drop site as speculated: see log.

A keycard was obtained from the drop site.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Black plastic keycard Unknown Unknown Invision We have contacted about this item several times with no response.
Plastic keycard replica New Created Smugtrio Printed replacement for the Physical Access Key

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