Lake Oswego Public Library drop

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Lake Oswego Public Library
Location     Lake Oswego, OR
Coordinates 45.424032°, -122.667273°
Items First Ladies (book)

Compact Disc (drop)

People/Visitors Oregon, DaveYarnell, Prestoa
Found 9-13-2012
Type CD
Status Acquired

Lake Oswego Public Library was the location of the first dead-drop related to OTP22.

Note: As of late February 2013 we got multiple messages containing the ISBN of the First Ladies book. chound revisited the drop on February 27th, but the First Ladies book is still empty.

Discovery and Investigation

On September 13th, 2012, a coded message was received giving GPS co-ordinates, an ISBN for a book and 272 for a page number; the coordinates were found to be associated with with Lake Oswego Public Library in Oregon.

The next day, the library was visited and with help from a librarian found a matching book about American first ladies, called First Ladies: a biographical dictionary, was found. The book costs around 900 USD and was for reference purposes only. A Compact Disc was found on page 271 instead of the indicated page 272. The page was about Jackie Kennedy, wife of JFK.

One theory is that a reference-only book was chosen because it could not be checked out by someone before the drop was picked up.

Sometime after photographs were taken and the contents were downloaded, the user Oregon (who picked up first CD) said that he would put the CD back in the book after burning an ISO image. The CD was returned to the book after being photographed and the contents downloaded. This was confirmed by IRC user Oregon who picked up the dead drop initially with user DaveYarnell.

Later Visits

On October 1st, 2012, the IRC user prestoa from channel #ARG went to the library to check if the CD had been picked up or whether it was still there. The relevant book initially seemed to be missing when it was searched for, however it was later reported to have been misfiled. It also was discovered that the CD was now removed.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
First Ladies Book (Oswego) Unknown Deposited Lake Oswego Public Library L0j1k has a copy of this book.
Lake Oswego CD Unknown Missing Unknown Item was returned to the drop location by Oregon. Missing afterwards.

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Photographs of Recovery Site

Recovered CD ISO Image

Files from Recovered CD

CD contents explanation

Latitude 45.424032. Longitude -122.667273.

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