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LOG with more data about components from 27.8.2013

[19:11] w_larsen apart from component drops mentioned, was there any other hardware?
[19:11] Xkeeper different from what it used to be (out of service?)
[19:11] Xkeeper sounded like a bad recording. lots of pops and the tone shifted very slightly for one or two repeats
[19:11] Xkeeper the whole sequence (several loops) repeated twice, then silence
[19:11] Xkeeper still on the line at 8m00s and nothing but dead air
[19:12] Xkeeper in terms of beep length, I think "- - - ----- .........." where the longest is somewhat shorter than 1s is a good idea, "." being dead air
[19:13] Xkeeper (to pad it with something other than space)
[19:14] lurker69 hey lars
[19:14] lurker69 some
[19:14] lurker69 CDs, arduino microcoputer, Iridium sat phone SIM card(erased i think)
[19:14] L0j1k xkeeper did you record it?
[19:14] Xkeeper no, I was expecting it to be like the 888-854 number and ring endlessly (I also can't record here)
[19:15] lurker69 2 books and cover ot third book
[19:15] Xkeeper it just hung up on me after about 10m too
[19:15] w_larsen hey lurker69, i meant more physical
[19:15] Xkeeper ??? that is physical
[19:15] L0j1k what's more physical than CDs, arduino, iridium sim card?
[19:15] w_larsen it seems to me that the "knob" thingy goes into the one with a spring
[19:15] lurker69 whats more phisical tna microcontroler in black box that prints codes when you plug it to computer?
[19:15] L0j1k ah, perhaps you mean "mechanical"?
[19:16] lurker69 oh yeah no, componets are all on tha pics
[19:16] w_larsen yes, thats what i meant, i guess. i have bad headache for whole day, sorry, if ii am unclear
[19:16] w_larsen hmm
[19:17] w_larsen makes me wonder
[19:17] Xkeeper L0j1k, I just called back and got the out of service message.
[19:17] w_larsen either that is disassembled part from somewhere
[19:17] w_larsen or if it is custom made, it must be rather expensive
[19:18] Xkeeper I redialed and got the same recording but louder?
[19:19] L0j1k hmmm
[19:21] lurker69 GOlLVTZ.jpg this is bet image of components with cca 1:1 size ratio
[19:21] Xkeeper back to not answering.
[19:21] lurker69 my best guess it that it is used in marin tech, thus they used titanium
[19:22] lurker69 this h2s probe looks kinda similar
[19:22] lurker69 they use such probes for deep sea monitoring i tink, idk reall
[19:24] lurker69 its called ctd probe
[19:24] w_larsen
[19:25] w_larsen duno
[19:25] w_larsen obviously it is locking mechanism of sorts
[19:25] lurker69 ctd-75_01.jpg
[19:25] lurker69 yeah to me it also lloks that it has some locking function
[19:26] Smugtrio 10516-CTD_O2.gif
[19:26] lurker69 11529-SBE3F.gif but some of those probes also look similar
[19:26] lurker69 some said that it might be key for svalbard seed vault
[19:27] lurker69 some said it can be seed sampler, but it is way to precisise and costly to be seed sampler
[19:27] w_larsen thats why i asked about other hardware
[19:27] w_larsen btw what makes you/us think its titanium?
[19:27] Smugtrio well
[19:27] Smugtrio it was tested
[19:27] Smugtrio also
[19:27] Smugtrio I contacted svalbard re: the hardware
[19:28] Smugtrio they don't use anything of the sort there
[19:28] lurker69
[19:28] Smugtrio first I talked to the ministry of agriculture
[19:28] Smugtrio then to the office of the PM
[19:28] Smugtrio then an engineer at svalbard
[19:29] Xkeeper L0j1k, if you want to record it, I recommend calling it repeatedly
[19:29] w_larsen hmm
[19:29] Xkeeper it seems random what one you get, and this time the beeps are quite distorted (random pops/snaps, occasional bursts of louder volume, etc)
[19:30] w_larsen can i keep on asking silly questions?
[19:30] L0j1k there are only silly questions in OTP22
[19:31] Smugtrio lol
[19:31] w_larsen as i understand not all of pieces are in posession of same person. has there ever been attempt to have all of them together on hand?
[19:31] w_larsen might make better sense than pictures
[19:31] Smugtrio Who even has the pieces?
[19:32] w_larsen idk, there are 4 different rulers
[19:33] w_larsen well, for me it appears to be some sort of well machined valve
[19:33] w_larsen the locking mechanism, without body
[19:33] lurker69 to me that two circled groves/cuts (how do you call that in english) is crucial part of the design
[19:35] w_larsen well, the one with magnets, bottom one
[19:35] w_larsen goes nicely with (3)
[19:35] w_larsen the knob thingy
[19:35] w_larsen and spring
[19:35] w_larsen would make locking mechanism
[19:37] w_larsen you push it and turn 1/4 and it locks, you undo the turn and it locks in "up" position, held by the spring
[19:37] w_larsen but i guess its common knowledge
[19:37] L0j1k there is someone who has all the pieces
[19:37] L0j1k crash_demons knows the person and knows how to get a hold of them
[19:38] L0j1k i tried earlier in the year to consolidate the pieces and books and whatnot so that we are in close contact with the holders
[19:38] L0j1k but there was some "can't do that at this time"
[19:38] L0j1k it's probably time to consolidate them again
[19:38] w_larsen so the community isn't as close as i expected
[19:39] L0j1k well, yes, we are
[19:39] L0j1k the core
[19:39] L0j1k but some people have come and gone
[19:39] L0j1k and some of those peopl have materiel
[19:39] L0j1k (the proper use and spelling of that term)
[19:39] L0j1k
[19:40] w_larsen kickstarter to buy them all? i trust Xkeeper lurker69 and gwraspe, id happily donate some money towards the common goal. for sake of historical record at least
[19:40] masso lurker69: have you ever tried to ask 4chan for this mechanical parts?
[19:41] lurker69 you can try again masso, we had those parts on reddit 4chan and other sites for months
[19:41] lurker69 but if you post on /b/ dont mention this channel
[19:41] lurker69 or wiki
[19:41] lurker69 magnets are part of packagind, they are in corners so you can stick the bag to metal
[19:42] masso I guess this is more a question for /g/ or something
[19:42] L0j1k buy them?
[19:42] L0j1k we already have them
[19:42] lurker69 package is very professional, i havebt seen this kind of packading with magnets before, but i am not very fluent with factory tools and big mechinnery
[19:43] L0j1k perhaps one or two people may not want to give up their OTP22 tangibles, but most would i think
[19:43] L0j1k especially if they are no longer participating
[19:43] L0j1k i tried to get the second green book to look through it for something
[19:43] L0j1k and that's when the conversation came up in may or so
[19:43] w_larsen L0j1k, we do have them? so who can assemble them?
[19:44] L0j1k next tiem crash_demons is in here, ask him to get a hold of the components and the second green book
[19:44] L0j1k we could, yes, and an OTP22 player has them all
[19:44] L0j1k but the components are not complete
[19:44] L0j1k pieces missing
[19:44] w_larsen lurker69, magnets arent used in packaging. i work in factory etc etc
[19:44] L0j1k specifically from (we think) manoa cemetery, and i searched there thoroughly three times
[19:44] lurker69 they were in pasketc in the corners
[19:44] L0j1k and also someone dropped a piece
[19:45] w_larsen well, i am kinda interested if parts come together, as i said
[19:47] w_larsen lurker69, i have received packages from lot of major and miner industrial equipment manifacturers and sellers. as well as i have seen a lot of production packaging
[19:47] w_larsen no magnets. trust me
[19:47] lurker69 here are the magnets
[19:47] lurker69 sealed away from main parts each in its own corner
[19:48] lurker69 the one we found in finland was stuck to old gun and i think that only magnets hold it there
[19:49] lurker69 w_larsen: yeah i know, i also work in industry ocasionally thats why i said that i dindt see such packaging elswhere
[19:49] lurker69 its certanly much better than regular heat gun used to pack pot packets
[19:50] lurker69 also plastic looks very high quality, compared to regular packaging, it reminds me on bags theyy used HDDs in (but those are antimagnetis, which this one isnt i assume)
[19:51] w_larsen well, you can close plastic package rather professionally with soldering iron and iron disc (like in pizza cutters) or clock gear
[19:53] w_larsen i think 8 comes around 4
[19:53] w_larsen JpYt9eH.jpg
[19:56] w_larsen 7 comes in 3
[19:57] w_larsen held with a screw that was probably lost
[19:58] w_larsen well, thats what i think of the parts anyway
[20:00] lurker69
[20:02] lurker69 yeah that wouls make sense w_larsen
[20:03] lurker69 i actually forgot who has all the components, IIRC we send them all to one guy
[20:03] L0j1k crash_demons knows, and he knows how to get a hold of the person
[20:03] lurker69 who knows it? we have to contact him and say that he should took some pictures of them
[20:04] lurker69 yeah... probably lost and harder to find than it was when pars were on highwy on malaysia
[20:05] L0j1k lurker i would be willing to store any OTP22 tangibles, and if someone wanted to "check out" one of the things, i would cover the cost of sending it to and from
[20:05] L0j1k in essence, i'm offering to act like a tangibles library
[20:05] lurker69
[20:06] w_larsen btw density doesnt fit titanium as well
[20:06] lurker69 L0j1k: i completely agree, it would just be feasable if somene who is active and easy to access heve them
[20:06] w_larsen there are more heavy alu alloys
[20:07] lurker69 w_larsen: we checked desity, finish guy measured volume and weighted it, it fits perfectly for titanium
[20:07] lurker69 ather aluminium stuff in table fas quite far away
[20:07] L0j1k well lurker69, if we can start telling peopl to prepare to send it, i will cover the cost of postage TO my place
[20:07] lurker69 I measured the volume of the short piece at about 1 mL and massed it at 4.278 g the long piece massed 12.549 g and volume 2.7 mL the two measurements I took indicated densities of 4.27 g/cc and 4.64 g/cc
[20:07] lurker69
[20:08] lurker69 that quote is about parst from finland
[20:08] lurker69 so 4 and 5
[20:09] lurker69 for that knob, part 3 i am not sure
[20:09] w_larsen exactly
[20:10] w_larsen it doesn't fit titanium
[20:10] lurker69 it also fits the look quite well for brushed titanium
[20:10] L0j1k and then i will make a small website on for functionality of requesting item
[20:10] L0j1k items*
[20:10] w_larsen ill check handbooks at work tomorrow
[20:12] w_larsen well, it could be titanium alloy tho
[20:12] lurker69 bottom pic here is titanium
[20:14] w_larsen i have seen titanium. from the looks of it you pretty much cant tell the difference.
[20:14] lurker69 239971_Titanium_Tube_Pipe.jpg
[20:15] w_larsen anyway, thats something to think about in future
[20:15] lurker69 yeah brusheed titanuim looks very mush like stainless steel
[20:15] lurker69 aluminium is less shiny, more "milky"
[20:16] w_larsen you can polish alu to mirror "shinyness"
[20:16] w_larsen well there is one test to know that for sure
[20:16] lurker69 titanium-medical-vsmpo1.jpg this are medical parts from titanium
[20:17] w_larsen im not sure, however if someone would be willing to do that
[20:17] lurker69 i tink titanium makes sense
[20:17] |<-- L0j1k has left (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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[20:18] lurker69 its only popular metal that has density around 4500kg/m
[20:18] -->| masso (~masso@unaffiliated/massospora) has joined #arg
[20:18] lurker69 aluminum is half lighter
[20:18] w_larsen its not that
[20:18] w_larsen generally i question the "about 1ml" thing
[20:19] lurker69 germanium is a bit heavier, but way to to rare
[20:19] lurker69 he measured it in his coledge laboratory
[20:19] lurker69 with chemical tube
[20:19] lurker69 basicly you dump it in water in tube that has volume printed on the side
[20:19] w_larsen you dont measure weigt up to 3 decimal places and volume "about 1ml"
[20:20] lurker69 he did it in some chemical lab
[20:20] w_larsen so we just dont have enoug information
[20:20] w_larsen and he was shitty practicioner
[20:21] w_larsen because if you don't have precise way to measure volume, you cool distilled watter to 4 degrees celsium and weight it
[20:21] w_larsen or else there is no point having weight to 3 decimal places
[20:22] w_larsen its kinda physics school material
[20:22] w_larsen thats the thing that makes me wonder
[20:22] lurker69 he just printed what he saw on scale
[20:22] w_larsen ok point taken
[20:22] lurker69 scales are usually way more precise than glass tubes with ml on the side
[20:23] lurker69 but yeah measure of precision is in totaly different world
[20:24] w_larsen well, lets get hands on these pieces again and have measurements more precise than "about 1 ml"
[20:24] lurker69 but still for it to be aluminium it would have to be almost twice as big, and that he would notice 1ml comapred to 2ml and 2.7ml compared to 5.4 wound be noticabble
[20:24] w_larsen ok, i agree
[20:25] lurker69 you can try to find the logs from back then to see exactly what he said
[20:25] w_larsen hmm
[20:25] lurker69 but at that time i trusted him, he said he was in chemical lab and you can do that with glass tube and electronic wairgt so i trusted him
[20:25] w_larsen my wife is digging chemistry handbooks
[20:26] lurker69 I took indicated densities of 4.27 g/cc and 4.64 g/cc
[20:26] lurker69 its quite big error in measureing smaller and bigger piece
[20:26] lurker69 5%
[20:26] lurker69 but stiill not big enough for it to be aluminum or stainless steel
[20:27] w_larsen i was informed, that in brewery you can measure volume in microliters = 0.001 ml
[20:28] w_larsen let's just get hold of pieces again and remeasure them
[20:29] w_larsen infact micropippet mechanism looks kinda like the parts posted
[20:30] -->| Adah ( has joined #arg
[20:32] lurker69 i will post on wiki that we need to get pieces togather and send it to somebody else