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Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop 2

Second Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop
Knights of Pythias1.jpg
Location     Rainier, OR
Coordinates 46.0780788584442°, -122.93043496362236°
Landmarks None
Items Cover orange book: "Molds and Lichens of Nova Scotia"
People/Visitors Syncopal
Found 02-12-2013
Type Book
Status Acquired

Note: There have been two drops (so far) at this cemetery. The first drop is at Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop.

The Second Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop was announced through two OTP messages on January 29th, 2013. Syncopal picked up the drop 2/12/2013. He has not yet posted pictures, but says he found "Cover of an orange book titled "Molds and Lichens of nova Scotia" by Atlantic mycological union Written in pen on the back:

  +1 709 700 0122

He will be posting pictures later.

L26037183A is the serial number of the dollar bill found at the first drop. Removing the letters and using 26037183 as an agent code first gave "zero", but then changed to the Hawaii music.

Syncopal's Trip Report

Ok folks here are the photos from this morning.... following is a description of the find to be read in Michael Westen's voice (Burn Notice):

When your burned.... you've gotta take the jobs that come your way... even if it's for some anonymous guys on the internet. Sometimes i when working special ops you have to pick up a blind drop.... it's good to have a cover story ready in case it all goes wrong..

before hitting the cemetery we grabbed a couple of bouquets of flowers to leave and if asked our cover story was we were searching for the grave of a long lost relative.


We arrive at the cemetery looking inconspicuous as shit. Of course we had fine Oregon weather.... aka raining. After searching for 45 minutes... we were getting a bit frustrated.... thanks to the links on unfiction I was able to find a picture I hadn't seen of the location before on my phone... and we were able to narrow down our search... 30 minutes later I know I'm going to find my first find!! Hell YE... THen what do I hear... "A Honey.... come over here..." Shit. And there you go buried under a lot of ivy was the drop... my wife had found it.... crap... LOL!

Anyways here's the pics.... it was fun as hell for us and I think my wife is hooked on args now.... hell she already has 1 more find that me lol!

We left our flowers at the grave the drop was hidden behind... still not sure how I felt about that... but we were respectful... left flowers... and packed out a bag of garbage we found in the cemetery.

You guys take it from here because I can hardly follow your solved stuff let alone what to do next on this one!



Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Molds and Lichens of Nova Scotia book cover (Pythias 2) Unknown Unknown Unknown None

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