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The Problem

There is (we devoutly hope) a dead drop on Secret Beach in Kauai. Nobody in any of the OTP22 forums seems to live on Kauai. This page is for brainstorming solutions; please edit!

Sample text to use when contacting somebody

Feel free to edit, tweak, or ignore.

Subject: Can you pick up a dead drop at Surprise Beach?

We're working on an Alternate Reality Game (details at http://otp22.referata.com/wiki/Main_Page and http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=36166). Our latest step requires us to pick up a package that's on Surprise Beach. So far, we've picked up packages in Finland, Japan, the middle of the desert.... but Kauai has us stumped.

If you're interested in picking up the package and mailing it to us (we pay postage and packing), please contact otp22box@gmail.com or #arg at irc.freenode.net. We can pay you in eternal glory and, more relevant, $50.00.

Note: If you're contacting somebody not in the culture, substitute "Internet-based scavenger hunt" for "Alternate Reality Game".

Note 2: Alternate subject is "Looking for help with Internet-based scavenger hunt".

Solution 1: Recruit Somebody on Kauai

The simplest thing is to find somebody who's already on Kauai and get them to pick up the drop. Problems:

  • It's a trek to get there, so it's a nuisance for a volunteer
  • Rewarding the volunteer

But the #1 problem is finding a volunteer. The following avenues have been tried with no luck.

  • Posting on Craigslist Kauai gaming page
  • Contacting a Kauai hackerspace member

We need: A volunteer. Solutions:

Solution 2: Get an OTP22 person to Kauai

We have at least one OTP22 person on Oahu, sevenpoundowl. However, getting to Kauai is harder than you might think. It's too far to swim, kayak, or hitch a ride with a dolphin. There is no ferry service. The only way to get to Kauai is by plane, and so far round-trip flights (stranding sevenpoundowl is not acceptable) run about $160-170.

sevenpoundowl has volunteered!! Those of you that offered to pay money, we will have pay pal information soon. Thank him.


  • A fundraiser. Add a bullet here if you're willing to kick in cash.
    • ArsenicLupin $20 (sent)
    • nadando: $10 - sent
    • AcidRonin: $30
    • Arminius2: $20
    • LordHeinrich: $40
    • Adah: $20 - sent
    • cshepherd: $40 - paypal sent
    • rushforth: $40 - sent
    • xkeeper: $50 - sent
    • Braco: $50 - sent
    • Smugtrio: $10 (Sent $15 instead)
  • Other?

Solution 3: Hire somebody on Kauai

We've looked into various concierge and errand-running services on Kauai, but all the ones we've seen so far charge per hour; we have no idea how many hours it will take to find the drop.


If you need the OTP22 Gmail account/password, ask on the Wiki.

Solution 4: Taxi or some of those guys that sell stuff on beaches

There are always people who sell things on beaches (clothes, drinks, icecream..., but I have no idea how to contact them. Calling a taxi (but we have to find adventurous one) Maybe some of guys that rent jet skis and other water sport equipment.