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01:15 < wentknweqt> im gonna dial the # from a TDD for shits and giggles sometime tomorrow
01:20 < wentknweqt> <- here's a 1994 article about TDD phones being installed at Fort Lauderdale's airport
01:21 < wentknweqt> iirc, 800-855-xxxx are AT&T TDD related numbers
01:23 < wentknweqt> anyone on with a land-line in a rural area and wanna try something?
01:30 < filer> is this something involving high-cost numbers?
01:30 < filer> I'm not on one now, but sometimes am
01:30 < wentknweqt> try calling the 888# via a voice relay operator
01:31 < wentknweqt> they are essentially dialing with a TDD and their job is to read the message aloud.
01:58 < wentknweqt>
01:59 < wentknweqt> lists 4 numbers for fort lauderdale airport phone numbers
01:59 < wentknweqt> err, rather, payphone numbers
02:04 < wentknweqt> yep
02:04 < wentknweqt> so, maybe someone can call those numbers tomorrow morning and try to get someone there to do it?


22:50 < kaleun> So.. you need me to go to a certain location to retrieve an item?
22:50 < NiceLurk> yes
22:50 < kaleun> Okay
22:50 < NiceLurk> we have almsot 30 drops so far
22:51 < crash_demons> wasn't FL asking us to use the TDD?
22:51 < NiceLurk> this one is taking us the longest time to find somebody to get there
22:51 < kaleun> It's in the airport.. interesting.
22:59 < L0j1k> kaleun, you can't dial out on those phones, apparently
22:59 < NiceLurk> here on the bottom are images from terminal, but i cant open them
22:58 < kaleun> Well.. I really need to know if I have to get past the security checkpoint or not.
22:58 < L0j1k> the phone in question is on the second floor in terminal 2
23:01 < NiceLurk> google maps not sure if right floor though
23:06 < kaleun> The soonest I could go would be Tuesday
3:07 < L0j1k> these phones are NOT inside security
23:08 < kaleun> Okay. Thanks L0j1k 
23:08 < L0j1k> when you go into the terminals, turn left
23:08 < kaleun> Okay
23:08 < L0j1k> walk all the way down that hallways
23:08 < NiceLurk> we dont know is message you will get will be automated or robby the Material Order Desk guy will answer personally
23:08 < L0j1k> and the TDD phone will be on your right at the end of that hall
23:12 < TwiztedZero> Yup those TTY's pop out when they get a baudot tone
3:15 < L0j1k> this phone pops the tdd/tty out
3:15 < L0j1k> so does the one in terminal 2 at FLL
3:15 < L0j1k> i mean pop out
3:24 < kaleun> I wonder if there is wifi in the terminal
3:25 < L0j1k> free wifi kaleun
3:25 < kaleun> Okay
23:25 < L0j1k> more than likely you'll get a 5 digit code
23:25 < kaleun> I will try to take a tape recorder too..
3:26 < L0j1k> more than likely PMs set up an asterisk with a different inbound route for the specific outbound number that will go to a TDD/tty line
3:28 < L0j1k> we had a long couple of talks about the FLL phone
3:28 < L0j1k> well MOD is gone now
23:28 < L0j1k> but i'd put money (seriously, i'd gamble) that MD/MOD are PMs
23:29 < L0j1k> MD knows WAAAAAY too much with specificity about the FLL phone
3:29 < L0j1k> i BSed them into telling me a whole lot about specific procedures
23:29 < Trollstrich> We'll he would have to no? Hes a big character in this
23:29 < L0j1k> they believed i was genuinely there at the airport at the phone
23:29 < L0j1k> they == he
23:29 < L0j1k> MD
3:33 < L0j1k> i've been wardialing almost every number in the 954-359 exchange
23:33 < L0j1k> trying to trigger TDD/TTY route on PMs asterisk
3:35 < L0j1k> i mean to say that i've been bombarding 888-854-2402 from almost every number in the 954-359 exchange
23:36 < L0j1k> and i've also been in contact with the aviation administration people at FLL, who think i'm a great guy that's  bringing deaf children from croatia (lol) through the FLL airport
3:36 < L0j1k> which is why i need to make sure their number is compatible with my system
3:37 < L0j1k> you can blame it on me, kaleun
23:37 < L0j1k> fuck 'em... i got ballsacks of balls... you can give them my name and number if you get the third degree
23:38 < L0j1k> besides, they really honestly know about this already
23:38 < L0j1k> tell linda in aviation admin that curtis halden put you up to it
3:40 < kaleun> Hm..
23:40 < L0j1k> nah, man... don't worry about it... the phones are not in security, and they're public anyways
23:40 < kaleun> I'm not worried.
23:40 < L0j1k> you might have to park, but the whole process should take under the free hour you get in parking
23:40 < L0j1k> cool
23:40 < kaleun> Right


02:03 < L0j1k>
02:20 < L0j1k> this system does not respond to TTY
02:21 -!- TwiztedZero [~TZ@unaffiliated/twiztedzero] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
02:25 < L0j1k> alright. here's a 3,5 minute recording of the entire classy tango song on 8888542402, plus also the voicemail system  at the end, where i input one of my numbers, followed by the entire menu of options available on this "classy tango" voicemail
02:25 < L0j1k>
02:30 < L0j1k> this system is also no responding to TTY/baudot tones over the line at all. not even slightly.
02:32 < Adah> that song is new, right?
02:32 < Adah> i recognize the one at the very beginning but never heard this one before
02:33 < Adah> So we can leave a voice message?
02:35 -!- Jackneill [~Jackneill@unaffiliated/jackneill] has joined #ARG
02:41 < L0j1k> here's a recording of that system not responding to any TTY tones with anything except more of that super classy tango
02:41 < L0j1k>

from :

16:42 < L0j1k> oh snap
16:42 < L0j1k> i just spent ten minutes on the phone with a lady that just walked to the TDD phone in terminal 2 at FLL
16:43 < L0j1k> joanne
17:14 < L0j1k> got the "futher instructions"
17:15 < latent> from the phones?
17:15 < L0j1k> i'll update later, but i got it
17:15 < L0j1k> yeah
17:15 < latent> cool
17:15 < L0j1k> memory card and instructions on an agent system code
17:15 < L0j1k> gotta run for now though. work to do.
17:16 < L0j1k> spoofing caller ID + a helpful worker
19:59 < L0j1k> the message is rather anticlimactic....
20:00 < L0j1k> well, not for me, since i've been working for like two weeks in all my spare time learning asterisk and BS/SEing people at the airport to get the drop
20:00 < L0j1k> but the message just mentions the memory card and then to use a code
20:00 < L0j1k> but since there's horns, well... :P


[08:18]	L0j1k	and in fact, yes, i did get the further instructions' agent system code and memory card from the airport
[08:22]	L0j1k	but it's going to be pretty hard to prove that until agent system is back up and i get the card in the mail

EDIT from 21.6. 2013 19:30 GMT

Check this log from "15:10 < L0j1k> big trouble in little china" down, apparently nobody found any memory card.

important part:

15:40 < NiceLurk> also it would be helpful to us, to know what "further instructions" were
[01:20]	L0j1k	02:25 < L0j1k> alright. here's a 3,5 minute recording of the entire classy tango song on 8888542402, plus 
also the voicemail system at the end, where i input one of my numbers, followed by the entire menu of options available on this 
"classy tango" voicemail
[01:20]	L0j1k	02:25 < L0j1k>