Braco package drop

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Braco package drop
Location     Australia
Landmarks Braco
Found 3-27-2013
Type Other
Status Acquired


On March 27th Braco got a letter from OTP22. It consists of 6 poorly-photocopied pages; most of the information on the pages is either blacked out or scribbled through in pencil lead.

04:57 < Braco> The pencil marks are actual lead on the pages
04:57 < JCe8> But the blacked out stuff aint, right?
04:58 < Braco> And they types my note with a typewriter ans the envelope tpp
04:58 < Braco> The blacked out stuff is all copied or reallllly poorly laser printed
04:59 < Braco> Every page ezcept the letter is doube sided
04:59 < JCe8> But everything is either blacked, or it has a cross put through it ;o?
04:59 < Braco> One side has the alphabets/emtanon stuff, the otherside the redacted info
05:00 < Braco> Yeah lol but in some parts u can see thru it
05:00 < Braco> I took zoomed photos of those parts where text is visible
05:01 < Braco> One of the redacted visible sections says 2013
05:01 < JCe8> ah
05:02 < Braco> The stamp on the front is from last year
05:02 < Braco> Postmarked 25Mar13