Blue Hill public library drop

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Blue Hill public library drop
Location     Blue Hill, ME
Coordinates 44.4118°, -68.5899°
Landmarks BARTHES S-Z (?)
Items Old Black Book
People/Visitors L0j1k (and librarian and library director)
Found 3-9-2015
Type Book
Status Acquired

On March 9th, 2015 a Black OTP message on agent code 18409 was received which gave drop instructions for an "Old Black Book" with several notes. (see here)

The Black Book was referred to in some preceding Black OTP messages and a drop was suggested beforehand.

This drop is not to be confused with the much earlier Blue Hill phone booth drop, which occurred nearby.

Related Messages

Z 09155804Z MAR 14

Note: timestamp incorrectly specifies 2014, should be 2015.

The MSGID and SUBJ fields seem to indicate Ai's agent number and to her attention.

L0j1k dialed up the library and asked the librarian a couple of opener questions to determine how helpful she might be. After a short time, L0j1k talked about OTP22 and the clues we had for the black book there at the library. The librarian sounded interested and helpful, but naturally skeptical. L0j1k mentioned the old payphone across the street that had been run over in a coincidental freak accident a couple of years ago, and the librarian remembered when this happened. After talking about the payphone, the librarian seemed to decide that L0j1k was legit. She put him on hold and went to look for the books mentioned as clues. As we suspected in IRC, the clue books were the books right next to the black book. Upon finding the black book, the librarian returned to the phone and described it as: "It seems like a book from our collection, as someone has written on the back to make it look like one of ours, but it's missing the labels we use at this library, so I know for sure it's not one of our books. Also, it's not a legitimate book." At this L0j1k asked what she meant and she replied, "It seems like a real book, but it's full of numbers and letters. Gibberish." So we knew she had found the right book! L0j1k convinced the librarian and the library director to mail the book to L0j1k's address, and reimburse with a check for the shipping and lunch.

Shortly after setting the book up to be mailed, message 18410 asks Ai (agent 16041) if the drop has been received, to signal 99990 if the drop retrieved, and signal 99991 if Ai needs more time. We decided to wait until we have physical possession of the book before signaling that we were ready, so we sent the 99991 signal.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Old Black Book (Where the Black Fern Grows) Unknown Received L0j1k None

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