Black Oak Lake Cemetery drop

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Black Oak Lake cemetery drop
Location     Montevideo, MN
Coordinates 44.918216°, -95.6284865°
Landmarks Cemetery


Items Index card (drop)
People/Visitors SuperDan_
Found 10-4-2012
Type Other
Status Acquired

Black Oak Lake cemetery is a landmark very near the location for the third dead drop, the GPS co-ordinates (given by the 3233 code) are /44.918216/-95.6284865/ and are in Montevideo, Minnesota, USA. The latitude is very similar to the previous two drops and seems to be dead center between them, forming a distinct pattern in the drops.

The drop itself was not directly in the graveyard but in a line of trees directly behind it.

The index card dead-drop

On October 4th, 2012, a clear-taped index card with a set of ten digits on it 709-700-0122, which is a phone number, was found at the drop co-ordinates by OTP agent SuperDan_.

SuperDan later revisited the site to take pictures of the Bell/Plaques for us.

Report on the drop

Superdan has posted a report on, he is an extract and the link:

OK, I promised some people in the IRC that I'd give some more details, and I can see that necessary just to kill all the rumors that I'm somehow in on it.

I haven't been following this thread for very long. In fact, I haven't ever followed an ARG very closely. I originally found out about it when ishootudie posted in the Minneapolis Goon Meet thread that you guys needed help from someone in Minnesota. I skimmed the thread, and the wiki, then joined the IRC chat. I originally thought I might make trip today (Saturday), but after spending some time in the chat and seeing how frustrated everyone was getting at all the trolls, fakeouts, flat tires, and such. So I thought, gently caress it, this sounds like an adventure. Especially because there was a $50 reward, which covers gas for the trip, so thanks for that ymgve.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Black Oak index card Unknown Unknown Unknown None

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