Big Pine Campground drop

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Big Pine Campground drop
Location     Missoula, MT
Coordinates 46.989694°, -114.662750°
Landmarks Sign
Items Stamped Ruler
People/Visitors L0j1k's friend (Erica)
Found 6-26-2014
Type Other
Status Acquired

Short summary of the drop here.


On June 26th 2014 a message on Agent Code 16041 was received on the Agent System which was decoded to read:


Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Stamped Ruler (Big Pine) Unknown Received L0j1k None

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The ruler is stamped with hex digits, appearing roughly as:

GROUP 1   9e 0b A8 6b be 14 d8 95 40 35 17 8a e1 3b 8e 72 40 bf 81

This message was later combined with the French Regional Park drop to yield a partially readable message. See that page for more information.