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48 22 307 1061

Phone Number: +48 (22) 307-1061
Location Warsaw, PL
Company Unknown
System Type ITA2, Prompt

Word concern

Acquired From 303-309-0004's ITA2

The telephone number +48 (22) 307-1061, which is located in Poland, was found on October 18th by user Rahm after decoding ITA2 from "horn sounds" given by (303) 309-0004. The number initially appeared to be transmitting similar data.

Investigation See also 48 22 307 1061/Investigation.



  • October 18 2012: Decoded from 303 309 0004 Yes check.svg
  • October 18 2012: Second horn set Yes check.svg
  • October 29 2012: "Reactivate agent system" message Yes check.svg
  • October 30 2012: "Application error" message X mark.svg
  • October 30 2012: "Concern" message X mark.svg
  • February 13 2013: Number does not connect X mark.svg
  • February 18 2013: Number responds with sirens X mark.svg


On Oct 18, both 202- and 303- numbers started playing strange sounds. These were initially referred to as "horns". User Rahm was eventually able to determine that they contained various ITA2 data strings, one of which was the number 48223071061. This number turned out to be a Polish number, which is discussed in this article.

The number initially transmitted horns itself. This horn was decoded into the #Bell Agent Code. Oct 24: number began accepting input. The correct input turned out to be found at the Bellwood_water_tower_drop. After this was input, the 303 and 202 numbers played a victory tone. Oct 30: Number goes down, plays various short messages. Nov 21: Poland number begins redirecting to agent system. Sometime between Jan 30 2013 17:00 UTC and January 31 17:00 UTC: Poland number becomes siren.

As of Feb 13, the Poland number is disconnected. Mortvert says "I got "cannot realize the call" when I tried calling it. A.k.a. seems someone forgot to pay their mobile bill."

21:43, February 18, 2013 (UTC): Phone line back up, but playing sirens like the rest of the agent systems.

Bell Agent Code

The Hint

Since October 18th, the number was producing data in the ITA2 format that 303 and 202 phone numbers were previously sending; however, this later changed. Some of the first recordings, courtesy of user ishootudie, are available below:

User Rahm, who had previous experience decoding ITA2 data took up this challenge and produced the following message:


Which can be interpreted with spaces:


Number prompt

In the latter part of the very first messages, a series of signals was noticed that would change behavior when numbers were entered. While this cannot be confirmed at this time, it seems to be a prompt for input, possibly the previously mentioned Agent Code.

Some example clips showing this distinction are available:

So far, no other behaviors have been produced from inputting a code, so the signal has been interpreted by most users to be an "invalid code" signal. The search for the valid code continues here: Accepting Input.


Eventually, the number which was found at Bellwood water tower drop, 97BA16041, was input as DTMF keys. This resulted 303 and 202 numbers playing the following victory-like recording:

Error message

It was found at approx. 16:00 UTC that the number went started to transmit "Were sorry an application error has occurred, goodbye" message.

At 20:00 UTC there was a new message saying 'concern':

At the same time the 202 number and 303 number also made changes to their messages, saying 'two' and 'three' respectively.