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419 646 0004/Investigation

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At approximately 21:20 Pacific Time on September 18th, "sauceman" on IRC reported locating another number, 419 646 0004

Here is UF trhead from that time:

 Both old numbers  (303) 309 0004 and (202)999 3335 had this massage on: "The number you have reached, 646-0004, is not in service.
 If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and dial again. Thank you."   Possible hidden messages in 2029993335 09/17/2012 call window

Hidden Message

 [20:41] <sauceman> sounds like "There's an alarm in the Vaughnsville DCO"
 Suggestions for the meaning of DCO or TCO from jalime:  "CTO" Change Task Order, "CDO" Classified Documents Office, "DCO" Disconnect,
 Denver Co, Disaster Control Office, Document Change Offline, Delivery Control Office, Duty Carried Out
 also of note: [23:28] <chronomex> oh, DCO is a phone switch
 Area code for Vaughnsville is(419)
 [21:20] <sauceman> it's 419 646 0004
 [21:21] <sauceman> it's in this place called Vaughnsville
 [21:21] <sauceman> tiny place in Ohio
 [21:25] <sauceman> I dunno. My guess is that maybe the 303 number forwarded to that Vaughnsville place
 maqr has made a clearer recording which seems to confirm sauceman's suggestion. 
 as of 2:11pm GMT there was a general consensus in chat that the Vaughnsville DCO idea is correct.


"wtfookin" had earlier analyzed the multi-frequency (MF) tones heard on a recording of the 202 number, before the female voice makes the "number not in service" message (source orignally

MF tones preceding "number out of service" message from 202 number:
tone 1: 1100 and 1699 Hz approx 100 ms 
tone 2:  700 and  899 Hz approx 70 ms
tone 3: 1100 and 1301 Hz approx 70 ms
tone 4: 1100 and 1301 Hz approx 70 ms
tone 5: 1301 and 1502 Hz approx 70 ms
tone 6: 1301 and 1504 Hz approx 70 ms
tone 7: 1301 and 1504 Hz approx 70 ms

Using SS5 ( to decode those tones gives

tone 1: C&F  13/code 13 keying prefix 1
tone 2: A&B  1
tone 3: C&D  6
tone 4: C&D  6
tone 5: D&E  0
tone 6: D&E  0
tone 7: D&E  0
tone 8: E&F  15/code 15 keying finish

As-of 22:00 US/Pacific the 419 number is producing the *SAME* tones (including the same noise bursts) previously heard on the 202 number. However, this number ALWAYS plays the "not in service" intercept, while the 202 number has only played it on occasion since it changed to a HUM just before 17180000Z SEPT. It is not known whether the 303 number ever plays this recording. overlap the hums from different times Tentative conclusions:

  1. the 419 and 202 numbers are controlled by the same party
  2. the "out of service" message is a recording being played back

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