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(Logs are currently not working)

[02:49] L0j1k 05:54 < L0j1k> 888-854-2402 now says "this service is not available. please contact your local toll carrier for assistance." x 2, then disconnects after approx. 30 seconds of silence
[02:49] L0j1k so i guess closer to 18 hours, sorry
[02:49] L0j1k i got a hold of MD and gave him (same guy, claims he's been working for the last 3-4 weeks).. gave him a namefile name care-of my name/address for the calling card
[02:50] L0j1k i think that's the latest "action" that happened
[02:50] L0j1k but interesting, the first time i tried to give him the location code (A33815 -- anchorage, alaska), he said it was 0
[02:51] L0j1k that was almost immediately after he came back online, and the recording clearly states A33815 is 0
[02:51] L0j1k so he must've either fat-fingered it, or his ABISM was not correctly responding, or something
[02:51] L0j1k i tried 24 hours later and then it went through, asking for name/address
[02:53] L0j1k MD is not answering right now
[02:54] L0j1k AS 6360322 (MOD) still says "MOD is closed. please try again later"
[02:55] L0j1k AS 559 ("operations conference") still says "standby", then plays Satan's Lullaby, then says "the conference organizer has not joined. please continue to hold." followed by more Satan's Lullaby
[02:56] |<-- GrazzaB has left chat.freenode.net:6697 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[02:57] L0j1k AS 555 (old MOD extension on 888) still plays the super sweet hindi detroit beats songs (twilio hold music) on loop, but nothing else happens...
[02:58] L0j1k AS 674826 still plays the same guitar/PSK31 that we've had all along
[02:59] -->| GrazzaB (~smuxi@wcnat-109-47.wheaton.edu) has joined #arg
[02:59] L0j1k AS *# still plays "the grover cleveland march, performed by blahblahbalh" followed by the march...
[03:00] L0j1k 202-999-3337 still does "MELTER bipbipbipbip boop .... SIRENS buzzing" then disconnect
[03:03] L0j1k got MD on a random AS redirect, asking about 18113 (since that number is mentioned a couple of times on dialer, but 18113 has remained unchanged for some time now)
[03:04] L0j1k so MD *is* working right now
[03:05] L0j1k wtf
[03:05] L0j1k "okay, 18113 is 'julian march'"

New Database for agent system numbers

[09:38] L0j1k i fixed the forum on otp22.org and also making a small database system for agent system number logging
[09:38] L0j1k there wasn't anything else new