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Phone Number: (234) 222-0004
Location Akron, OH
Company Bandwidth.com CLEC LLC / Possibly Twilio?
System Type Agent System, Static, QX Prompt.

Acquired From Agent number 4

(234) 222-0004 is a number related to the OTP22 ARG provided by messages and providing unique information as mentioned below.


The number is originally noted as appearing in a list of Twilio(?) mirrors for the agent system from this message from February. Afterwards it was providing static as a response.

January 16th 2014 change

On 16th Jan 2014, a message briefly appeared on this number.

"Caller ID authorized. Speak drop agent number. Call back from number. Drop number. Authorization code. GPS location and location description clue after the tone, then provide SSTV image of drop location if available. Thank you for the placement of this drop. You will receive 50% service credit within 48 hours. Remaining 50% service credit will be provided if and when drop is recovered."

30 minutes later this message disappeared and the number changed back to static.

QX Prompt

On March 4th, 2014 user bobdamnit noticed that this number was providing a prompt for "QX"s as follows:

QX. For a new QX, press 1. To retrieve a QX, press 2.

See some related prompt messages here.

The QX format had previously been seen during Keep Alive sessions with Message Desk, where questions were allowed to be submitted. This current prompt appears to allow submitting questions similarly.

Submitted QX

QX Question Answer Asked by
1 Unknown "Discontinue use of that system. Use AS27." Unknown
2 Unknown "4bit left channel, 4bit right channel, Red Book format will be used again for 2014 WORM orders." Unknown
3 Unknown "It was supposed to be supplied after the update, not before." Unknown
4 Unknown Cancelled. Unknown
5 Requesting information on how to fix the corrupt bootloader on the controller system "AS36 in safe mode. Winter access problems made difficult for MX crew, new bootloader data override reset key is needed. Shim bootloader possible under current working plan. Basic functional test of wavetable were performed but need more testing. Be available to load functional test into bootloader shortly. If passes, EMTANON will provide finished Shim bootloader by March 30." bobdamnit
6 Requesting region 10 (slug drop) drop contents as we are unable to retrieve it "Operational supplies for operation Cargocom." bobdamnit
7 Unknown Deleted Unknown
8 Unknown "Access keycard to facility." Unknown
9 Unknown "Red book audio CD." Unknown
10 Unknown Sent and waiting for response. (checked 24JUL14) Unknown
11 How can I change my address on file? "Specify agent name, operating number, operating address, and telephone number in new QX. Specify material required. Reference this QX and new QX." Smugtrio
12 Unknown Sent and waiting for response. (checked 24JUL14) Unknown
13 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
14 Unknown "Functional drop code received. Place drop code on receipt." Unknown
15 Unknown "Press R(or 0?) on VECTORCOM20." Unknown
16 How to obtain materials since the Material Order Desk is non-operational? "Order items using QX. Provide valid item number and contact information." morningcoffee
17 Unknown "Item order sent, to Alaska fulfillment center. Tracking number 291877. Use ref number for any additional QX items related to this order." Unknown
18 Referencing QX 11: Agent name Adam Aylesworth; Operating Number Unknown; Operating Address (Smug's Address); Telephone number (Smug's Number); Material Required AB101 - Modem. "Item order sent to Alaska fulfillment center. Tracking number 291878. Use ref number for any additional QX items related to this order." Smugtrio
19 Requesting confirmation of availability of ITEM-0492, ITEM-1024 Deleted. aquinas
20 Requesting confirmation of availability of ITEM-0399, ITEM-0011 Deleted. aquinas
21 Requesting confirmation of availability of ITEM-0881, ITEM-0815 Deleted. aquinas
22 Requesting delivery of "Legacy of the Postal Reorganization Act" (Red Book) using proper order code. "Unknown order item code, book title name transferred to bookmen, provide callback number for bookman to call, reference QX code zero zero 22, bookman will call back. Also provide callback time and date." L0j1k
23 Unknown Deleted. bobdamnit?
24 Unknown "Region 9 drop agent dispatched. Bootloader functional test, stand by." Unknown
25 Unknown "New season 2014 MLPL mission will be provided in the next 30 days. Will be stored in standard red book audio cd format. LSB4." Unknown
26 Unknown "Drop information received. Posting notification for field agent pickup and programming." Unknown
27 Unknown "Drop in region 9: software program. Drop in region 10: physical access key, black key." Unknown
28 Referencing QX 18 - How do we track an order? Pending. (checked 24JUL14) Smugtrio
29 Referencing QX 24 - Identity and relationship of ExcitingBooks Twitter to OTP22/WORM/PRJMLPL "Unknown relationship. No such codename. Is this in relationship to the counter-operation? What is an exciting book? Please follow up and reference QX 0029. J." L0j1k
30 Region 10 drop site has been visited, unable to acquire drop, please advise further "Obtain black physical access key for operation Cargocom slug. More details provided on verification of agent identity. Pelase provide identity in follow-up QX and reference QX 0030." morningcoffee
31 "With reference to QX 0030, agent identity is 16001." Repeated the number and added "it's Ai" in Japanese. "Ai. Please obtain black physical access key. Reference Operation Cargocom in 2014 MLPL document red book audio CD LSB4. 2013 MLPL document red book audio CD LSB4 no longer in effect and will be preceeded by a new document. Black key located under <incomprehensible> wood under slug head. Make haste. J." morningcoffee
32 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
33 Unknown "Use black key card to access facility. Collect additional key cards." Unknown
34 QX response for L0j1k's QX reference 0022 (QX22), indicated callback for Bookman including date and time of call (06 April 2014 2200GMT) "Please select alternate time and date." L0j1k
35 QX response for L0j1k's QX reference 0029 (QX29), regarding ExcitingBooks. "Please advise". "Unable to obtain access to *something* system. Please investigate the source of this leak. Use any means to plug leak of sensitive information." L0j1k
36 Unknown "Yes, I am very concerned. J." Unknown
37 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
38 L0j1k reference QX 0022 in regards to missed callback from Bookman. Rescheduled callback for 20APR2014 2200Z at same number. "Provide authorisation code. Rock Harbour 22." L0j1k
39 Referencing QX0031: Acquired black physical access key. Do not have 2014 audio CD, please advise "We had a delay with the audio CD, more information needed to be updated. Expect audio CD release shortly on announcement line." Crashdemons
40 morningcoffee left this QX referring to functional bootloader test checklist, but made an error in answering the questions Cancelled. morningcoffee
41 Made new QX with results of functional bootloader test, answering checklist questions, and requested that QX40 be ignored due to an error. "Emtanon has requested additional question. Did controller card output error buzzer *something* upon any byte entry? If so, how many? May be indicative of memory failure. If more than one or two, bootloader programmings have failed. QX 40 has been discarded as per request. Results to be submitted to Emtanon within 12 hours. Unfortunately, due to a delay of test execution, Emtanon will not be ready for several days. We have requested this be expedited. Confirm this message receipt on QX and wait for response on this new QX." morningcoffee
42 With reference to QX 41, message received. Bootloader test appeared to go successfully and results were as expected. Error buzzes were not heard, only confirmation chirps. Please advise further. "The test plan did not include a test to ensure that the bootloader test code removes itself out of memory after execution. Please verify that prompt indicates a corrupted bootloader. Reference this QX in next reply." morningcoffee
43 With reference to QX 42, message received. Prompt was previously indicating corrupted bootloader, but is now giving agent system welcome followed by error buzzes. Please advise. "Depending on the looping or error condition, the internal watchdog will purge memory if not swatted, as long as you do not interfere with the default interrupt table. The watchdog will flush memory after time. Tier 1 support is not entirely certain why this situation is occuring. Normal watchdog timeouts consist of minutes, not hours. Standby and try upload the positional bootloaders at a later time." morningcoffee
44 Unable to contact Message Desk for response. Please Advise "Message desk staff has been furloughed due to budgetary constraints. Please use alternate method of obtaining information through automated systems." UKspook
45 With reference to QX 43, message received. Controller has now returned to corrupted bootloader prompt. Please keep me updated with any further instructions. "We are waiting on Emtanon to provide new permanent bootloader code to bypass reset button requirement. In meantime, please validate bootloader integrity. Also, if alternate desk/best?? code is available, please also try alternate best/desk?? code. It appears the watchdog is working properly so no damage will occur on testing of additional bootloader software. Expect Emtanon to provide new software within the week. Up to 7 days, however, is also possible. Stand by." morningcoffee
46 Unknown "I find that a bit shocking. When will he now return? J." Unknown
47 Unknown "We now need to delay the release. I want to update objectives so this is completely clear to everyone. As far as I am concerned he is completely clear of any fault in this. J." Unknown
48 Unknown "Just have him reach out to Debbie to arrange computer travel authorisation. She has access to that. You should also have this number. It's in the book. J." Unknown
49 Unknown "Payment will not be issued until completed. Indicate when job completed." Unknown
50 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
51 Unknown "Maj DS Wagner." (see blue book for another mention of this name!) Unknown
52 Unknown "Please use RS 27." (supposed to be AS27??) Unknown
53 Unknown Cancelled. Unknown
54 Unknown "Thank you. Expect payment shortly." Unknown
55 Unknown "I am not aware of this operation. Who is this? J." Unknown
56 Agent 16001 requesting information on Drop 1 and Drop 2, please confirm if drops been placed and when will coordinates be available? "Patience, patience." morningcoffee
57 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
58 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
59 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
60 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
61 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
62 What is the meaning of the message on agent number 22. Deleted. UKspook
63 J. Locke 0879753374 C:2 S:7 "Confirm. K." UKspook
64 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
65 Unknown Pending. (checked 24JUL14) Unknown
66 Unknown Pending. (checked 24JUL14) Unknown
67 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
68 Unknown Was "pending", then changed to "Not received. Please resend". Unknown
69 This is Ai. Your request may be difficult, please provide more information about what's required. ((in reference to black OTP message 18264)) Was "pending", then changed to "Not received. Please resend". morningcoffee
70 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
71 Repeated message from QX 69. Was "pending", then changed to "Not received. Please resend". After QX 77 was responded to, this changed to a response: "It is unfortunate that you were unable to make my station meeting. However, in lieu of this, your drop decoder OTP has been placed in region 9. Please await retrieval instructions. J." morningcoffee
72 I requested a callback from Emtanon through AS36 and never recevied one. Can you please make that happen? (also BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH) "I just heard goofy noises from your question. I do not know what 'blah, blah, blah' means. Resubmit question. -J" bobdamnit
73 I am a new agent and have not yet received my packet. I will be in region 7 for a while. Requesting drop. Not received, please resend. TonyInICT
74 This is Ai, my questions do not appear to be getting through, please advise if this is received. Deleted. morningcoffee
75 L0jik asked a question about a 918 number that may or may not be related to OTP22. "We have no record of this system. Please provide complete telephone number." L0j1k
76 Tony repeated his question from QX 73. Not received, please resend. TonyInICT
77 This is Ai, please explain WHY my questions are being ignored and deleted when I am responding to a specific message instruction. "I have been receiving a lot of hangups and crank messages. 70 and 74 I had to delete since they are blank. I have left you a message on 71 regarding concern of your unexcused absence. If there are any further questions, leave another QX. Otherwise, monitor your agent number for further drop instructions. J." morningcoffee
78 This QX is referencing QX 18, I'd like an update on tracking number 297878, or more specifically a way to track that order, or perhaps some carrier information. Thanks. Sent and waiting for response. (checked 24JUL14) Smugtrio
79 This QX is referencing 0075, the one about "CF DENIED" and "MTM7" error messages on 918. In response to your query, the full numbers for those systems are (918)917-3801 and (918)917-6801. Any info you can give us would be very helpful, as we can't access these systems with these error messages. Pending. (checked 24JUL14) L0j1k
80 How do I obtain an agent packet? Pending. (checked 24JUL14) TonyInICT
81 I am Ai's field agent. DROP4 at Grand Canyon has been compromised. We could not find drop despite thorough search. Please provide another drop or the same information via another channel. "Can you identify subject on 69005? This is concerning. However without both the key and location documentations, the information will be useless. Working on drop replacement. Standby. Z." L0j1k
82 This is Ai. With reference to QX81, I am working with another field agent to retrieve these drops. I understand that both key and docs are required, so please notify when new drop is available. In the meantime I will attempt to retrieve region 8 drop. "This was unexpected. We are waiting on new drop to be positioned. Concerned over original location. Will be making drop at new location. Stand by." morningcoffee
83 Regarding QX 0081, we can't ID the subject without a better photo. please provide a better photo. also not that this doesn't look like me, so it may be counterops. Please provide a better photo if possible. "Will be providing better image on 69006 shortly." L0j1k
84 This is agent 16045. I still have not received information on how to obtain my new agent packet. A response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Pending. (checked 24JUL14) TonyInICT
85 Unknown Pending. (checked 24JUL14) Unknown
86 I am a field agent for Ai in region 5. As I understand, the Grand Canyon drop was compromised. I have found the replacement drop in Minnesota to have been compromised as well. I feel this is quite concerning. Requesting alternate method of obtaining the information or requesting a replacement drop. Thank you. Pending. (checked 19JUL14) TonyInICT
87 Disregard QX 86, the drop has been found. Thank you. Deleted. TonyInICT
88 Unknown Pending. (checked 24JUL14) Unknown
89 This is 16041. Ref code 91972. Pending. (checked 24JUL14) morningcoffee
90 Unknown "Instructions have been provided on tape retrieval system. Connect to tape retrieval system to obtain more information. W." Unknown
91 Unknown "I will need to obtain authorization from J to use that alternate QX code. Stand by. W." Unknown
92 Unknown "The requested code was granted." Unknown
93 Unknown Pending. (checked 24JUL14) Unknown
94 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
95 Unknown Pending. (checked 24JUL14) Unknown
96 Unknown "Yes, what appears to be the problem with that? That is the correct exchange. Enter tape archive number into the system. W." Unknown
97 Unknown Deleted. Unknown
98 Unknown Pending. (checked 24JUL14) Unknown
99 Unknown Pending. (Checked 24JUL14) Unknown
100 This is 16041 for J. Both drops recovered and additional drop location decoded. Please confirm, region 8, border of two states. "Correct location. J." morningcoffee
101 Unknown "This is very interesting. Who is writing these messages? -W" Unknown
102 Unknown Pending (26JUL14) Unknown
103 Unknown Pending (26JUL14) Unknown
104 Unknown Pending 14AUG14 Unknown
105 Unknown Pending 14AUG14 Unknown
106 Unknown Pending 14AUG14 Unknown
108 Unknown Pending 14AUG14 Unknown
109 Unknown Pending 14AUG14 Unknown
110 Unknown Pending 16AUG14 Unknown
111 "This is 16041, ready for next page." Pending 16AUG14 morningcoffee
112 Unknown Pending 16AUG14 Unknown

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